During a visit last month to the Bronx’s Universal Hip-Hop Museum (610 Exterior Street), its co-curator, Prime Minister Pete Nice (from 3rd Base), guided DMC, half of the legendary Run DMC duo, through a mini-tour. Chief curator Paradise Gray also shared some valuable history as the three legendary artists traveled through time while detailing some of the vintage memorabilia on display. The full gallery is scheduled to open across the street next year.

At one point, they came across a pair of “like new” vintage red, black, and white Adidas-sponsored Run DMC sneakers in a glass case.  

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“Where’d you find them?” DMC asked. “Me and Dise got ’em off eBay,” Nice answered. ”Some guy in Japan had them.” Nice showed DMC a late-1980s Video Music Box event flier that “you and (DJ Jam Master) Jay signed to Paradise.” An astonished DMC glanced and reacted with “Yep. Wow.” 

They went to another section where there was a flier of Run DMC performing at the legendary Disco Fever night club up in the Bronx. “A lot of people don’t know that Jay missed that,” Nice said. “Yep, cuz he went to the avenue to get fly,” DMC agreed. “How crazy is that?”

Next, they viewed some more classic memorabilia by several other “Golden Era” artists, such as Joe Ski Love, Salt & Pepa, and Rakim, among others.

Thanks to the museum, “people have the wherewithal to save stuff,” DMC surmised.

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