The nonprofit Montclair Gateway to Aging in Place (mGAP) is working with other organizations to host an architectural design competition.

The contest, which will be funded by a Partners for Health Foundation and AARP Community Challenge grant, is looking for creative architectural designs for accessory dwelling units (ADUs). Designs should help address the local housing shortage and “explore how architecture can offer a new housing unit on existing single-family plots that will potentially:

● Generate new rental income for the homeowner

● Provide a barrier-free residence on owner’s property

● Conform to a minimum requirement of 6 ft to property line

● Conform to a maximum height of 15 feet to the top of the roof

“All ADU designs must be submitted by current undergraduate and graduate-level students and cannot represent the output of a professional architectural firm. Prize fund is $5,000.”

Register to take part in the competition by September 20. For more information, visit, call 973-518-3867, or email to

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  1. My longtime neighbor estimated $18,000 and works about 20 hours for seven days. I can’t believe how blunt he was gk when I looked up his information.
    For more details visit this article.. Open It>> Work Information

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