Founder of youth media program, HarlemLIVE, Rich Calton, announces the launch of the book, “The Legacy of HarlemLIVE: Empowering Youth Through Journalism and Experiential Learning”, co authored alongside the HarlemLive alumni.

This book traces the journey of New York City teens who created the web magazine, HarlemLIVE, one of the earliest ventures into online youth-produced publications. 

From the inception of HarlemLIVE to its evolution over the years, the book details the hurdles faced along the way and offers a look into the organizational and interpersonal challenges that were overcome to achieve success.

“The legacy we’ve created with HarlemLIVE is a testament to the enduring spirit of young people,” said Calton. “Their resilience, creativity, and unwavering commitment to a mission have shown us that when youth are empowered, they can achieve extraordinary results.”

The book also delves into how participants went on to influence their communities and excel in their respective fields and bring about change.

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