Tony Randall and Robert Paris Credit: AmNews photo

New Jersey-based LGBTQ+ party promoters Tony Randall and Robert Parris hosted a “party with a purpose” to collect food for a New Jersey food bank just in time for Thanksgiving.

The two hosted their monthly “Big Mens Social Day Party” on Nov. 11 at REBAR in Chelsea where attendees were asked to bring canned and non-perishable food items. The donations we delivered to the Community FoodBank of New Jersey on Thursday.

“We need to give back when we can,” Randall said. “It shouldn’t always be about having fun all the time. We can have fun and give back a the same time because there are definitely people less fortunate than ourselves.”

Parris said giving back should be effortless, especially during the holiday season.

“Community service is community service,” he said. “You should always support the community that you’re part of. It’s important for us as Black, successful men to pave the way and show an example of what other Black successful men should be doing.”

Randall added that the current high food prices and inflation are contributing to the nation’s hunger crisis and that collecting donations can help ease the burden on many families.

“I’ve spent $70 last week myself, as one person, on food,” he said. “That’s crazy. Imagine if I had a family?”

Randall and Parris host their food drive annually during the holidays. Last year, they hosted a holiday party at Harlem’s Lambda Lounge where they collected food donations for The Apostles’ House Shelter and Food Pantry in Newark.

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