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Man charged with murder in 'assassination' of Tyshawn Lee, 9

Four weeks after alleged gang members lured 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee into an alley and killed him -- a slaying that some in violence-riddled Chicago called a new low -- the city's police superintendent announced the arrest of one man Friday and vowed to "obliterate" the "criminal" group he belonged to.

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Protesters disrupt Chicago shopping corridor, ask feds to probe McDonald killing

Protesters marched on Chicago's luxury corridor during a major shopping holiday Friday and demanded the resignations of the city's top leaders, alleging a yearlong cover-up of a police video depicting an officer's killing of teenager Laquan McDonald.

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Black Dollars Matter: Black-out of Black Friday and beyond

“We will make it a real ‘Black Friday,’” warned Minister Louis Farrakhan, “because there won’t be a Black person in sight.”

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Activists want DOE to investigate Success Academies, Moskowitz

It may have been raining in New York City last Thursday, but educational activists at 32 Old Slip in lower Manhattan were determined to shine anyway.

Peru and Ecuador mark first imprisonments for racial discrimination

A Peruvian court has handed down prison sentences for two businessmen who took no action to assist an Afro-Peruvian woman who faced racism while at work.

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The Slave Theater needs your help

The Children of Slaves and Patriots committee is hosting daily rallies in front of the Slave Theater.

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Trump the epitome of asininity

Each time we think that Republican presidential contender Donald Trump has exhausted his asinine statements, he retrieves another.

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Black women take the lead in Black Friday boycott

The “Real Black Friday—No Christmas Shopping Campaign” took to the streets last Friday with the Harriett Tubman–Fannie Lou Hamer Collective of Black women in Brooklyn.

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Justice or Else: Be 1 of the 10,000

The youths of Muhammad Mosque #7 hosted a Justice or Else: 10,000 fearless open house Saturday Nov. 21 at MIST Harlem.

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East Orange promotes first female fire captain in city’s history

Tasha Hayes-Smith, an East Orange firefighter since August of 1993, becomes the first female promoted to captain in the department’s history.

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Ali Abdullah claims his place in the tech world

Nestled in a recently renovated East Harlem building, Ali Abdullah runs around his office in preparation for our interview.

Cosmopolitan Review 11/26 - 12/2

Following the recent terrorist attacks in Paris a little more than a week ago, it feels as though life as we know it will never be the same.

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Celebration of womanhood at Schomburg Museum

Over 400 people gathered at the historic Schomburg Museum, located in Harlem, N.Y., for a celebration of womanhood.

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Interfaith Medical Center gives Thanksgiving to community

Interfaith Medical Center gives Thanksgiving to community residents and some community groups.

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Living in ‘AmErykah’

On the initial announcement that “The Hippest Chick,” Erykah Badu was hosting the 2015 Soul Train Awards, hints of skepticism ran on and on.

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All New Yorkers need a raise

New York’s low-wage workers are facing another difficult holiday season. They know it will be a struggle to just pay the bills and put food on the table, before even considering what it will take to buy gifts for their families.

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Airport workers hit the picket lines

A week before Thanksgiving, airport workers wanted to let companies know who hold the power.

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Minimum wage: The double-edged sword of America’s workforce

Minimum wage started a debate among people who feel there is no equal accommodation for people in the minimum wage workforce.

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The police, friend or foe?

The other day, my 5-year-old daughter and I were walking down the street...

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People partnerships not just ‘a mess of pottage’ Creating business opportunities in rebuilding Haiti

On Jan. 1, 1804, when Haiti proclaimed its independence from France, it not only became the first free Black republic in the world, it ignited the torch of hope for enslaved and exploited peoples worldwide.


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