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Why the 1992 L.A. riots matter today

This week marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Los Angeles riots, which exploded following the acquittal of four LAPD officers charged with the brutal videotaped beating of black motorist Rodney King

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The Los Angeles Riots: A look back

Here is some background information about the 1992 riots in Los Angeles.

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Memorial service for Cuba Gooding Sr. being held at the Apollo Theater

Cuba Gooding Sr., the late R&B soul singer who sang lead vocals for the legendary "Main Ingredient" , is being memorialized at the Apollo Theater

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Student posts a photo of classmates on Craigslist and labels it 'slaves for sale'

A high school student in Florida has been suspended after taking a photo of two female classmates without their knowledge and posting it as an ad on Craigslist with the title: "two slaves for sale."

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For these women, the competition is in their walking

Many athletes have as hard a time keeping in shape and looking buffed as many of us do. Some football and baseball players don’t even look like athletes.

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Forever remembering Greg Marius, basketball and entertainment visionary

There are countless people who have been saddened by the transitioning of Greg Marius this past weekend from his earthly state of being to spiritual bliss, people who barely knew him or never met him at all.

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Chapman looking to finish outdoor season strong

When looking into colleges, sprinter Paige Chapman, who grew up in Maryland, said most talented track athletes looked south, not north, for college.

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Sullivan Award brought surprises and healing

It was one of the most dynamic groups of Sullivan Award finalists in recent memory. Six Olympic gold medalists and a collegiate standout vied for the trophy at the 87th annual award named for the founder of the Amateur Athletic Union.

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Left tackle and tight end top the Giants’ list of needs

The seemingly only sure thing in the tenuous world of the National Football League is the New England Patriots will be a Super Bowl contender.

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The underskilled or overmatched get done in the west

It’s apparent that in these first rounds of NBA Playoffs, some teams just didn’t have a chance.

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Raptors look to eliminate underdog Bucks after early series struggles

The Toronto Raptors have been one of the better teams in the Eastern Conference over the past four seasons. From the 2013-14 to the 2015 season, they won the Atlantic Division title three straight years.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: More than just feeling tired

Everybody feels tired sometimes, but feeling fatigued for six months or longer can be a sign of chronic fatigue syndrome.

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Foods for vibrant health

Here is the list of the most healthy foods from A to (not quite) Z:

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From the lotto and IRS scams to the US immigration scam—look out!

Just when you thought you had heard of all the scams you need to be wary of—from the Jamaica lotto scam to the IRS scam—along comes another!

Protesters force concessions from the French

They had practically shut down the country for more than a month, protesting what they called a high level of abject neglect from France, the poor state of infrastructure and the widening disparities between the quality of life for whites and those for Blacks and others.

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Caribbean305 to launch Caribbean-American heritage month celebrations in Miami

Flavors from more than a dozen Caribbean nations will be simmering together at Caribbean305, the region’s newest culinary and cultural celebration taking place on Miami’s Jungle Island.

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Queen Latifah, Jill Scott set to star in Lifetime’s ‘Flint’ movie

There is to be a new film about the water tragedy of Flint, Mich. Executive producers Craig Zadan, Neil Meron, Katie Couric, Queen Latifah and Shakim Compere will tell the story of the water crisis in Flint.

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Chef Sahera Threats’ sweet smell of success

Pastry chef Sahera Threats made her dreams a reality nearly a year ago when she turned her passion into a business by opening Pastry Lover’s Choice on Staten Island.

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Some call it 'stealthing,' others call it sexual assault

Some people call it "stealthing" -- a practice where men secretly remove or damage condoms without their partners' knowledge. Others call it sexual assault.

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Longtime Harlemite Mary Black joins the ancestors

Family, friends and relatives convened at Unity Funeral Chapel (2352 Frederick Douglass Blvd.)  Monday, April 17, 2017, to bid farewell to longtime Harlem resident Mary Black, who joined the ancestors April 2 at age 79.


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