3-day FIGMENT event, season-long sculpture garden and minigolf course

(Governors Island, NY) June 2009 With an entirely volunteer staff and nearly 400 art projects from emerging artists, FIGMENT is redefining art in New York. With an emphasis on participatory art, the only way to experience the art and performance at FIGMENT is to come out and interact with it… and we are committed to keeping FIGMENT completely free, open to the public, and devoid of any corporate sponsorship.

FIGMENT was created in 2007 to harness the power of participatory culture and the wild creativity of New York’s arts community. As the pulse of New York slows and we risk losing our status as “center of the arts world,” FIGMENT offers a chance to redefine our city through the way we make and interact with art. At FIGMENT, art is more than something that is sold, or a performance that is given for a fee; art is a catalyst that builds community.

We’re extending an invitation to join in this adventure to you, your readers, and the entire creative community:

FIGMENT 2009: June 12 – 14

Next weekend, over 300 artworks, performances, and projects will be brought to Governors Island… and we expect well over 10,000 New Yorkers to join us to engage in FIGMENT. We invite participants to bring art, costumes, toys, games, and other activities… but all you really need is your willingness to participate (and maybe a picnic lunch and water!). You can take full advantage of FIGMENT by just wandering around, or you can view a schedule and map in advance on our website. Map and schedule are forthcoming and will be able to be seen at http://figmentnyc.org.


For the first time, FIGMENT is hosting a season-long InteractiveSculptureGarden. With 17 large-scale interactive pieces, we expect tens of thousands of visitors to Governors Island this summer to come away with an expanded view of art and openness to creative expression. We invite you to check out the sculpture descriptions and renderings of projects on our website at



Last year’s artistic mini-golf course was a huge success… and this year FIGMENT is doubling its size! The mini-golf course will include 18 holes, each unique and designed by an emerging artist. In the City of Dreams, you won’t find a traffic light or a windmill, but instead can try your aim on an electric guitar, venus flytrap, or (for the less coordinated among us) have instant success with “Hole-in-1.” But before you tee off, you may want to look at the mini-golf holes being premiered at FIGMENT on June 12th: http://figmentnyc.org/2009/figment-2009/city-of-dreams-minigolf-course/