Divine Allah, National Youth minister and regional representative of the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) was very clear in his explanation to the Amsterdam News of his organization’s position against the upcoming National Socialist Movement (NSM) rally in Trenton, N.J., on April 16.

“We oppose them because they stand for white supremacy, which represents everything we fight against,” said Divine.

According to the Trenton Times, the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League have called the Detroit-based NSM the largest neo-Nazi group in the nation and say that the group promotes anti-Semitic and racist ideology.

The NBPP called a press conference for noon on April 14 at the Trenton Commons, on the corner of East State and North Broad streets, in front of Trenton’s memorial honoring war veterans.

“The Black community has to deal with numerous issues on a daily basis. Most of those issues stem from years of white supremacy and institutionalized racism that fuels self-hatred and a plethora of self-destructive habits that permeate throughout poor communities,” stated Divine in a press release.

Divine added that many in the community have questioned the timing of the event and the fact that permission for the rally was granted by state officials, especially considering the fact that Trenton has a Black mayor, Tony Mack. The mayor’s office was contacted for comment but had not responded by press time. “History has shown us how members of organizations similar to this one have insulated themselves in government agencies that keep racism, white supremacy, and oppression alive and well,” the NBPP release stated.

The NBPP also noted that the NSM has a “history of violence that follows them wherever they gather.”

A spokesperson for the NSM told the Trenton Times that they were not a violent organization, and their plans were simply for a two-day conference with a rally consisting of 75 to 100 people on the second day.

Trenton has a total population of 85,403 people. A majority of the population, 52 percent, are Black, with whites constituting 32 percent, and Latinos 21 percent.

Divine told the AmNews that the planned rally is creating “a little buzz” in the community. “People are saying, ‘Bet them crackers won’t make a wrong turn.’”