State Sen. Ruben Diaz, who is also a reverend, claims that the first official gay marriages in New York on Sunday, July 24 may have been performed illegally.

“Anyone who wants to get married in the state of New York has to wait 24 hours between the time that they get the application, to the time that they perform the ceremony,” explained Diaz, the only Democrat to vote “no” on the gay marriage bill.

Diaz is wary because judges were on hand Sunday to waive this mandatory waiting period. There are usually only a handful of circumstances when a judge can waive the waiting period. At the Let the People Vote rally on Sunday, Diaz explained that those circumstances “are if the state has an emergency, if one partner is facing immediate death or if there is a severe financial emergency that the couple is facing.”

The rally, attended by thousands, brought protestors outside Cuomo’s office in Manhattan, along with movements in Albany, Buffalo and Rochester. Let the People Vote called for a new vote, where the citizens, not the politicians, of New York were afforded the right to vote on gay marriage.

“There are 50 states in the union. In 31 out of those, the people have been given the opportunity to vote, and all have voted it down,” said Diaz. “The majority of people don’t want gay marriage.”

“You are entitled to your own lifestyle, but why do you have to push it on us?” inquired Maxine, a coordinator with the Love Gospel Assembly near Diaz’s district in the Bronx.

If upon review the law was broken, Diaz says he will file a lawsuit, explaining, “No one is entitle to break the law.”