Aparently the West Indian American Parade is not the NYPD officers’ favorite place to work. The proof of this have been caught up in an insulting and racist group on Facebook called “No More West Indian Day Detail,” where officers have been complaining about their unhappiness about having to work there every year.

“The safety of cops should be more important that the safety of ‘the animals,’” said one of the officers’ comments on the group facebook whih was revealed in the New York Times.

Attorney Benjamin Moore exposed this Group while doing research for one of his clients arrested on gun charges after this years parade. Moore told the New York Times, he found the comments “astounding” in their “reckless explicitness.”

On this, Borough president Scott M. Stringer stated: “I am deeply troubled by reports this morning that hateful and reprehensible comments were allegedly posted by NYPD officers and other city employees on Facebook about New Yorkers who participate in the West Indian Day Parade. I urge the NYPD to conduct a swift and thorough investigation to determine if these appalling comments were, in fact, made by police officers. New York must ensure a zero-tolerance approach to racist speech and action, whether it’s in the NYPD or anywhere else.