Dear Mortals,
You’ve left the normal world and it’s bleak facadeas you venture into the strange, mysterious, and odd.
An exciting adventure is about to unfold,with many great stories just dying to be told.
A weekend of thrills and bumps in the night will bring you chills of a ghoulish delight.
So come join us, be brave if you dare, for you have now entered The Macabre Faire.
The Macabre Faire 2012 presents The Dark Twisted Forest
Friday: April 13th VIP Preview 5p – 7p Saturday: April 14th Floor opens 10a – 7pSunday: April 15th Floor opens 11a – 5p
Join us for a wickedly good time this April 2012 for Friday the 13th weekend during our Macabre Faire event.
Our event is geared for those aged 16+ to enjoy those things: Haunted, Vampy, Witchy, Mystical, Sexy, Fashion Shows and more.
Visit our website: for tickets.

If distance is an issue please keep in mind, we will also be producing a hand-out brochure in which you are welcomed to advertise your business. I would be happy to send you more info just email your inquiry.