Let Fran Liz host your Staten Island tea party (39741)

The first thing you think about tea parties is that you have to be proper, dress formal, drink tea and eat tiny food. But that’s not all that Staten Island offers! Tea lovers from all over the world will enjoy the quaint teas and little cafe services that Fran Liz Tea Cafe offers here in New York.

The new company is the brainchild of Staten Island native Antoinette Donegan. At the launch party for Fran Liz Tea Cafe, Donegan treated guests to a range of really beautiful teas, little cakes and sandwiches-and a masseuse.

“We want our tea parties to be relaxing and enjoyable, where people can chat, chew and perhaps experience some teas like tropical, ginger and lemon and mint in combinations that are new and refreshing,” said Donegan.

While based in Staten Island, the cafe travels and will come to you. Fran Liz offers many tea party options, such as handcrafted tea blends, premium whole leaf teas, herbs, spices and fruits, $10 teapots that you would die for, cup-and-saucer sets for $8 and many assorted tea flavors. There are also gift baskets and cards.

Even if you’re really not a fan of tea, I suggest you try this! You can drink tea with any little snack or meal, but these teas come in different flavors that will make you want to have more and try them all-while drinking tea! This company will take tea lovers to the next level.

I would have never thought that tea could be so healthy and delicious at the same time! Staten Island is showing how tea can be tasty without the usual additions like milk or honey. If I hadn’t found out about this tea party company, I would still be drinking my tea “plain and normal.” Thank you, Fran Liz.

For more information, visit franlizteacafe.com.