NEW YORK, NY, January 27, 2012: The Downstate Young Democrats, an organization that comprises the New York State Young Democrats chapters of Brooklyn, Manhattan, Nassau County, Queens and Staten Island, released the following statement regarding the proposed redistricting plan for the New York State Senate released yesterday by the Legislative Task Force on Demographic Research and Reapportionment (LATFOR).

“We vehemently oppose the proposed State Senate maps released yesterday. This is gerrymandering at its absolute worst, a petty and cynical attempt by the Republican-controlled Senate to maintain its majority at all costs. There was clearly no care given to the goals of reform that countless legislators pledged to uphold in the 2010 election cycle. This proposal tears apart neighborhoods, ignores demographic trends and actively seeks to diminish the voice of young progressive voters. Furthermore, through blatant manipulation of district size, Republicans have weakened the voting power of New York City residents in comparison to their upstate counterparts. This transparent charade threatens to undermine the progress Albany has made in the last year of restoring the public’s faith in our democracy. We applaud Governor Cuomo for stating publicly he will veto these proposed district lines, and it is our hope that he will keep to this promise for the good of New York State. We as Young Democrats will not stand idly by during this debate. We will continue to fight for an independent redistricting commission that will ensure fair and representative voting for all New Yorkers, regardless of party affiliation.”