After reading your evaluation of the way the poor are “helped” in New York, I felt compelled to address the blatant lies in this article. I am not a bum. I have been working since I was 15, and although I have done everything society instructed me to do, I still find myself in a shelter.

As a matter of fact, because I have done so well, your great city tells me that $1,600 a month is too much for me to make to receive food assistance or Medicaid. I was forced to move from my apartment because black mold was taking over and I have also been diagnosed with lupus.

What you failed to mention is if Human Services cannot send you back to where ever you migrated from with a one-way ticket, they proceed to bounce you from shelter to shelter, where your rights are stripped from you–a 10 p.m. curfew, belongings searched upon entering the facility, no outside food allowed, no water brought into the facility but you can purchase a bottle upon entrance–and the staff treats you like a prisoner and has a tendency to look down their nose and remind you that you are homeless and have nothing.

You allowed a $1 billion established to be built, but try to close public schools. You say you are pleased–what you have done after three terms?

To that, I say you are in serious denial. Your terms in office were epic failures, and Helen Keller could see that. You allow welfare to be a way of life for the Hasidic Jews, while people and seniors who are in real need are forced into shelters and the streets. Your priorities are seriously warped if the concern for soda consumption outweighs that of someone having a roof over their head.

You also failed to mention that it’s at the cost of a person’s pride and dignity if they do receive assistance from Social Services.

I would invite you to spend a night in one of these fine facilities you rave about, and then look me in my face and tell me to “keep my chin up.”

Tyra Morrissette,

Abandoned and homeless in America