The editor sir, I am happy that the NAACP is fighting against a decision that sentenced a Black man in Georgia to life in prison, these fight are very important, but the NAACP need to reform itself to look beyond the symptoms and focus on the causes, why so many black men are at the end of the stick at all time. A lot of crime and violence tend to comes from the inner city community, where poverty are more visible which affect younger people than older ones, young people need opportunity in order to observe the laws of the land. These young people are not being employed for more than one foolish reason. A lot of companies are trying to make angle out of men, by requiring a perfect credit history, job experience, and that the candidate should be able to type 40 words per second. These regulations and bureaucracy are irrelevant for employments. We are building a new society based on fear, fear that has driven us to an anxious anticipation of danger, which have driven us to adopt a protectionist’s belief system. protectionism is one of the biggest reason why the USA economy are contracting without growth because banks are fearful to lend money to young entrepreneur to startup new business , as the way to create employment in the society. The NAACP should focus its fight with the U.S. Government, to give startup loans to young black’s entrepreneurs, to startup their businesses. Loans that are not based on good credit ratings but rather on a good workable business plan, with the ability to pay it back. Most black people have bad credit ratings and no collateral because of their disposition in the society. Hence it is useless to send them to the SBA, or the banks, because they won’t get the loans from these traditional lending agencies. This should be the fight of the NAACP, because only by this means, can the black massive be help, through job creation, that would lead to lesser crime, drugs and a reduce prison population. Massive Business ownership, and jobs opportunity among black people will give them hope and a brighter future for them and their children. Anything less is a waste of time. Michael Barnett