Bahamian art on view in Harlem (36503)
Bahamian art on view in Harlem (36502)
Bahamian art on view in Harlem (36501)

The Bahamian American Cultural Society held a very successful opening reception last Sunday to introduce its first exhibition of Bahamian art in New York at the Art Gallery in the Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Office Building. The exhibit will be on view through Dec 12. The show features the unique expressions of several Bahamian artists in original paintings, original prints, three-dimensional work, woodcuts and ceramics.

In addition, there was a half-hour lecture and demonstration on woodcuts and the development of the “Bahamian expression” by Bahamian artist Maxwell Taylor at the event.

The exhibition is geared to appeal to a wide range of art enthusiasts and cultural aficionados, the general public, artists, art dealers, collectors, students, art professors, historians and others. The leadership of the Bahamian American Cultural Society sees this exhibition as a valuable opportunity for people to broaden their experience and to understand one another. Take the family to this community art show during this holiday season!