Don King hatching a new generation of boxers (36601)

Don King may have lost some speed off his fastball, but not much. He can still put the ball over the plate and still works harder and longer than men who are a ton of years younger.

King’s latest promotion at the beautiful Gulf Stream Racing & Casino in Hallendale, Fla., was proof that “The World’s Greatest Promoter” is still in the game. He has a stable of young up-and-coming fighters. One being Joey “Twinkle Fingers” Hernandez, a super welterweight WBC champion at 22-1-1 and 13 KOs at 156 pounds. When one of Hernandez’s fighters took ill prior to his bout, a call went out to Hernandez, who came in cold and knocked out Jameer “Shot Gun” Winchester in the fifth round (1:45).

“I had a lot of confidence in him,” said King.