New York City is going gay, lesbian, bi- and trans- again with the return of the Original GLBT Expo on Saturday, March 9 and Sunday, March 10. The festivities will be held at the Javits Center-Hall (1C, West 38th Street and 11th Avenue).

The rich contributions of the African-American, Latino and Asian GLBT communities throughout history is incalculable. The “colorful closet” has played host to some of the best minds in the world and, in some countries and cultures, is still a necessary safe haven for those who face discrimination, prison, torture and death.

The initial GLBT expo was discounted and predicted to fail. People laughed and said, “No one is interested in marketing to gays.” The creative team hung on because they knew the power of the niche in the marketplace.

Now it’s 20 years later and members of the gay community are recognized as top wage earners with high disposable incomes. Their fierce brand loyalty to businesses that support their cause is the cherry on top.

There will be two full days of fun, entertainment and events to appeal to most taste levels. Plus, there are free goodies along with wine and beer tastings (for those of legal age). The companies are generous with everything, including solid advice on all things GLBT.

On Saturday, catch a wedding as two lovers jump the broom into legal marriage and toast with wedding cake and champagne.

One scheduled speaker who really caught my eye is Wade Davis, a former NFL cornerback who came out after playing with the Tennessee Titans, and later with the Seattle Seahawks and the Washington Redskins.

Davis will share why coming out was so vital to his living a full, healthy life. “I started to realize that–you know what–there’s an opportunity here for me to really make and effect change, not only within myself, but in the world.”

Davis’ Q-and-A will cover the intersection of sports, manhood, masculinity and the expectations placed on Black men. He will also elaborate on his work on behalf of GLBT youth as a member of the Hetrick-Martin Institute and as an official surrogate for President Barack Obama.