“Pippin” delivers a plethora of perfect performances that will delight your eyes, uplift your soul and tickle your funny bone. This musical revival has it all: not just amazing singing and sensual dancing, but circus-level acrobatics, too. This show has magic to do just for you, and it is a Pip on Broadway too.

The book, written by Roger O. Hirson, offers audiences a magical story of a prince trying to find his purpose in life. He thinks living life should give a great sense of fulfillment, and so he tries many things to make his life meaningful–things I’ll let you experience firsthand.

Stephen Schwartz’s music and lyrics are nothing less than superb. Diane Paulus’ direction allows this musical to deliver many magical moments and many show stopping numbers.

Chet Walker’s choreography in the style of Bob Fosse is full of slim, gyrating, scantily clad bodies. The costumes by Dominique Lemieux are brightly colored and eye-catching. The cast is outstanding, and Patina Miller is awesome in the role of the Leading Player, who leads Prince Pippin on his journey to discover what gives his life meaning. Matthew James Thomas is delightful as Pippin.

These featured cast members and the ensemble cast combine their extraordinary talents to bring together a show that you will not forget. There is so much humor in this musical and some very shocking moments that will have you impressed. One of those involves veteran actress Andrea Martin performing acrobatic skills and executing them with grace, poise and agility.

I’m not going to say anymore, just that going on a journey with Prince Pippin will bring great joy to your life. This show is a phenomenal experience and a Broadway blast you need to see!

“Pippin” is playing at the Music Box Theatre, located at 239 W. 45th St. For tickets, visit www.PippinTheMusical.com.