On Monday, June 16, National Action Network’s (NAN) Youth Move, which was founded by Ashley Sharpton, held its weekly “Huddle” program at the House of Justice in Harlem. The Huddle is a meeting place for young dreamers of today who aspire to become leaders of tomorrow.

Huddle meetings consist of open forums, workout sessions, mentoring, field trips and essential activities focused around career development, job training, personal communication skills, self-image, community health and safety, community engagement, higher education awareness and gender issues that greatly impact our youth and their development. Youth engage in meaningful interactions in a comfortable space with tomorrow’s leaders, alongside their parents, mentors and teachers, who are always welcome to attend.

Monday night’s Huddle began with an informative reminder of the gun violence awareness agenda set for the month of June. The moderator began the discussion by recapping the previous Saturday in which NAN Youth Move, Street Corner Resources and other social justice interest groups gathered in Newark, N.J., for a “lie-in” demonstration honoring those who have been lost to gun violence.

The Huddle was led into an engaging discussion on overcoming setbacks in life and eventually progressing forward. Huddlers then shared personal experiences and gave encouraging advice to their peers.

There is a new topic highlighted weekly, and every month, there is an assessment to ensure that the goals and agendas that have been set over time are achieved and progressing.

The Huddle is every Monday evening at 7-9 p.m. at 106 W. 145th St., Harlem. The Huddle is available via live stream weekly on nationalactionnetwork.net. Food and refreshments are provided for Huddle attendees.