Special to the AmNews

A host of grassroots activists have scheduled an evening of “Love & Resistance” in support of political prisoner Imam Jamil Al-Amin, for this Friday evening, Sept. 12, at Midtown Manhattan’s Martin Luther King Jr. Labor Center, 310 W. 43rd St., from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

The original Black Panther Party’s minister of defense was recently transferred from the federal Supermax ADX prison in Florence, Colo., to Butner Federal Medical Center in North Carolina during July to be properly diagnosed and treated for a rare form of cancer known as multiple myeloma, which is cancer of the plasma cells.

“We must wage a campaign to ensure that he is not returned to solitary confinement and that he is released,” reads a flyer for the event.

The man formerly known as H. Rap Brown is set to commemorate his 71st birthday this upcoming Oct. 4. His supporters are fighting to have his dubious conviction for the 2000 murder of a Fulton County, Ga., sheriff’s deputy reviewed and reversed, as they seek to have him freed before his deteriorating health renders him incapacitated.

Scheduled to speak are Dhoruba Bin Wahad, Panther 21 and former political prisoner; Karima Al-Amin, Imam Al-Amin’s wife; Amir Khalid Abdus-Samad, representative of Imam Al-Amin on behalf of his youth organizations; Imam Al Hajj Talib Abdur-Rashid, president of the Islamic Leadership Council of Metropolitan New York; and Sister Pam Africa, minister of confrontation for the MOVE organization. Mumia Abu Jamal is slated to call in.

The IMPACT Repertory Theater, “youth activists who view the creative arts and leadership training as a way to develop ourselves and change the world in a positive way,” plans to perform.

Listen to a message from Abu-Jamal regarding this event at www.freemumia.com/2014/08/love-resistance-imam-jamil-al-amin-sept-12-2014/ and

also at www.prisonradio.org/media/audio/mumia/psa-imam-jamil-al-amin-event-nyc-101-mumia-abu-jamal.