Special to the AmNews

Last week, the Amsterdam News received a press packet from the office of attorney Benjamin Brafman, including documents that listed the woman who accused his client, attorney Sanford Rubenstein, of rape.

While this information has been made public and the woman identified, we will continue to withhold her name from our newspaper as the news breaks about Rubenstein’s countersuit, claiming he has been humiliated and vilified.

The disclosure of the defamation charge emerged Monday, when the papers were filed in the Brooklyn Supreme Court.

“You cannot continue to defame a person in the hope of securing a cash settlement for a claim that has already been proven false,” Brafman said in a press statement. “For Sandy, this legal fight is now not about money, but a matter of principle.”

That matter of principle came into question after Rubenstein, 70, left the Rev. Al Sharpton’s birthday party for his apartment on the Upper East Side with two women in tow. One woman, 42, who is affiliated with Sharpton’s National Action Network, claims she awoke the next morning to find she had been sexually assaulted. Rubenstein claims it was consensual sex.

In the brief of the countersuit, several questions were posed for the accuser to answer, including intimate details about the actual sex act after an evening of drinking and allegedly consuming marijuana cookies. “For each sexual act, or movement made by either you or defendant, please indicate chronologically … the duration of each movement, the position of your body in relation to the defendant’s (Rubenstein’s) movement (e.g. sitting, lying supine, lying prostrate, on all fours),” the brief demands.

Additionally, the countersuit claims that Rubenstein lost a number of clients amid this ordeal that hurt his business and reputation. That may be true, but last week the attorney was back in the courtroom representing a family with a member who was killed when hit by a vehicle.

Being hit is something Rubenstein now knows about more than just professionally.