It was a tad bit breezy, but no more so during countless rallies, marches and protests led by “Black Power general” Abubadika Sonny Carson, who was celebrated by the community recognizing the 13th year since he made his transition, on Dec. 20, 2002.

The firebrand community activist leader of The East and the School of Common Sense, was remembered for his youth and community activism with organizations such as the Black Men’s Movement Against Crack, the Committee to Honor Black Heroes and the December 12th Movement, as well as the fight for community control of schools in Ocean Hill-Brownsville.

On the plaza at Harriet Ross Tubman Avenue (Fulton Street) and Malcolm X Boulevard, Bed-Stuy, African drummer Kwaku Payton and his DrumLove collective, sounded the call to remember and give thanks for the iconic Black leader who for decades kept Black community issues front and center for countless city, state and national authorities.