Zimbabwe flag (219234)
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This is an open letter to the Black community on the escalation of the State Department propaganda warfare to undermine the Republic of Zimbabwe’s sovereignty and independence. The United Nations General Assembly is the world leaders’ forum held annually in New York City, an auspicious venue where heads of state address this body on international, political, economic and military crises and conflicts that threaten the stability of the world and on persistent human rights violations. The West however uses this body to surreptitiously interfere in the sovereignty of free and independent governments.

His Excellency, President Comrade R.G. Mugabe is coming to New York for this event. Long before his plane sets down, the State Department has begun scheming and plotting to embarrass him and to tarnish his leadership at the world meeting in New York, the hub of racist, anti-Zimbabwean public opinion.

The West has hegemony through its control of the two bodies that make up the U.N.—the General Assembly and the Security Council—insuring absolute control and power over the U.N. General Assembly process.

Zimbabwe, the pillar of the liberation movements of Southern African, led by the Pan-African world statesman, Mugabe, remains in the crosshairs of the Western imperialists. His reign of more than 32 years is and has been the target of CIA, M16, EU, U.K. covert political and economic operations, as well as vicious lies and distortions of what is occurring on the ground in Zimbabwe.

Puppet spies from Zimbabwe aspiring to become American watchdogs parade around D.C., meeting with Zimbabwe’s arch enemies, think tank conspirators backed by Hillary Clinton’s Anti-Zimbabwe Democracy Act strategy for regime change in Zimbabwe. The recent tactics are led by rag-tag money hustlers, pastor Evan Mawarire and Noah Maniyka, both turncoats, to become new recruits of Clinton.

But more insidious is their cowardly contempt and machinations of deception posturing as true Zimbabweans on a human rights mission representing the Zimbabwean church. These traitors are renegades, hustling for bags of money and favors from Clinton, assuming she becomes president.

The truth is that the State Department and Clinton’s counter-insurgency network actively recruits, finances, feeds and houses these Benedict Arnold Zimbabweans. All of them are wanna-be Americans.

Mugabe is battleground tested and has proved for 32 years that Zimbabwe will never surrender to the West’s destabilizing neocolonial war maneuvers. Regime change covertly or propelled from within will never succeed.

Mugabe has said, “We came, we fought, we conquered, always tenacious, unrelenting. Liberation fighters prevail.”

Now more than ever, Africa’s sons and daughters worldwide stand united as the political patriotic rear in the citadel of imperialism, the USA.

Last week, Mugabe stated unequivocally that there would be no social media Arab Spring in Zimbabwe.

Mugabe is right. Zimbabwe will never be a colony again.

December 12th Movement