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Compared with Baby Boomers and Generation X, some would say that Millennials are the most educated and diverse generation to date. They would rather pay off their loan debt, and then invest in the housing market. Alexa Dosik, 24, doesn’t see housing as a priority. “Housing is not a priority for me because I can only afford rent,” she said. “I am also waiting to be married.”

After facing the recession head on, many Millennials have put their favorite brand of sneakers before their 401(k). Education comes with a big bill. The generation born between 1980 and 2000 leaves college with a higher loan debt than many of their early counterparts.

According to a study by Experian, the student debt ratio rose 84 percent between 2008 and 2014. Seven out of 10 seniors in the class of 2014 graduated with student loan debt, the average borrower owing $28,950.

College is done and you enter the workforce head on. But, Millennials are not invested in the typical 9-5 job. They do not plan on staying in a particular job long term. They prefer causal dress codes, rather than conservative. They also want social and fun work environments.

Twenty-three-year-old Rachel Sudduth defiantly sees the effect of student loans when it comes to Millennial career choices. “Recent statistics show that ‘Baby Boomers’ were in a lot less debt than us at our age,” she said. “We are taking out loans, and want quick money without investing and saving.”

In this generation, a paper application is traded for a LinkedIn account.

Some Millennials reveal that 60 percent of employers have approached them through the use of social media, according to an Intuit Infographic. Social media is crucial for this generation. It can be a determining factor for the job or it can even be a career choice. Many Millennials have flocked to companies such as YouTube and Instagram as a way to make a living and a profit.

The job market has not been so kind to Millennials, though. There are fewer opportunities because workers are no longer retiring at 55. This longevity leaves fewer employment opportunities for the young.

Yet, Sudduth also believes that there are career opportunities for the young. “I definitely think there are jobs out there for recent college graduates,” she said. “You just have to be persistent and think outside the box.”

Major cities have been the hub for the young workers. According to an Intuit Infographic, Boston, Seattle and Houston are a few of the cities that are welcoming new workers with open arms.

With more professions taking longer to achieve entry and/or significant success because of professional degree requirements, Millennials have to be innovative about their income and budget.

The average millennial is willing to live with his or her parents or share an apartment with roommates to cut back on expenses and pay off student loans. Rather than buy a car, they will Uber pool to work or use public transportation. They will even work an odd job or two.

Millennials are not focused on major adult milestones such as having children and getting married. Many are pushing off their personal life milestones into their 30s. However, they are very committed to their social lives. Many will not give up a night out with friends to cut back on expenses.

Millennials represent more than one-quarter of the nation’s population, according to U.S. Census Bureau. This tech savvy generation will determine the growth of the economy in the next few years, with the largest buying power to date.