Saturday, April 1, Monday, April 2, and Tuesday, April 4, Kultivating Konfidence held its first full workshop series, which took place at three Brooklyn high schools. The schools that participated were the Research and Service High School, Benjamin Banneker High School and Boys And Girls High School. In collaboration with the NYC Students, students from HLA Gernsbach in Baden Baden Germany through the Gernsbach Leadership Exchange Program were also in attendance.

The workshop, which was facilitated by Leo Pinkney Jr., educated the participants on the necessities of healthy food choices and why it is imperative to pay attention to the food options or lack thereof in our communities. Students were then commissioned to create their own Kultivation Stations, where plants can be grown in the home, all for less than $32. 

This hands-on workshop had students engaged and wanting to have more agriculture-based learning. Sarah of Benjamin Banneker High School told the Amsterdam News that she was “extremely thankful that the Kultivating Konfidence workshop was taking place at her school” because it is the type of program that she would want to see in her curriculum. Sarah added that she “knows how important it is to be able to control how the food you eat is made.”

 The Kultivating Konfidence workshops gave the participants hands-on training on how take their health and wealth into their own hands. Participants took home their stations, along with a full tutorial and wealth of holistic education that included tips on how to test the ph level in water, and why the nutrients in food are necessary.

Pinkney told the Amsterdam News he will be presenting a report on his workshops at the United Nations Thursday, April 6, and soon plans to travel to Germany with the Gernsbach Leadership Exchange Program.

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