Last Sunday afternoon, SoHarlem’s loft at the Mink Building, 1361 Amsterdam Ave., Suite 340, was filled with plenty of artsy surprises and Mother’s Day buys. At a glance, there were fashions, designers, jewelry, art, screen-printed T-shirts and a nice mix of shoppers buzzing about and buying. First stop was Smash and Scott, two designers who met during their stints at HBO. Saundra Scott, a lawyer, and Olivier Smasher were HBO executives for 20 years. After retiring, they decided to turn to the next page in their lives. To them, it was about a “second act.”

Today, their ready-to-wear collection, Smash + Scott, is a huge success. The look is sporty, casual and stylish. For women on the go, there are shapely dresses, tube looks, tops and pants in stretchy fabrics. Beautiful abstract prints in sportswear separates enhance their collection. These high-quality garments are made by talented artisans who specialize in delicate details. Who has time to spend hours looking for something to wear every day? In the mornings, you want to just reach in your closet and go. In designs, they focus on building blocks in your wardrobe. It’s important to work with pieces that coordinate with one another. “We elevate the everyday to the extraordinary,” stated Smasher. Smash + Scott’s sizes range from U.S. sizes small to XXL. Prices start at $150. For this sale, they were selling some pretty, soft T-shirts, 3 for $20, that were left over from last season’s collection. Find them at

This company and others are excited to be a part of the SoHarlem Collective. It’s a Harlem-based community social enterprise founded by Jane Rodriguez. SoHarlem’s mission is to ensure that artisans, designers and creative entrepreneurs have access to the resources and industry veterans they need to be successful. Visit for more information.

At her table, Ms. Rodriguez introduced a wide variety of merchandise, including a beautiful, multicolored gemstone necklace along with large and small handbags. Next to her was another table of silver, bronze and brass rings, bracelets and earrings designed by Maiko. Her prices ranged from $30 to $50.

In the back of the room, Historical Dream presented a collection of screen-printed T-shirts that featured the faces of historical figures such as Elizabeth Heckley, Frederick Douglass and others. Artist Hannefore McDaniel featured an interesting collection of bold jewelry. The textile prints by Alex Unthank were amazing. He is interested in society’s impact on Earth, and printmaking and photography are integral parts of his practice. He can be found at

Omo Misha showed an artistic jewelry collection. Her pieces have gained prominence for their unique and elegant use of clay, indigenous and antique finds, semi-precious stones and sculpture wire. She joined SoHarlem to show, market and sell her jewelry.

Presently, Omo Misha works primarily as a curator and visual artist. Best known for her jewelry, she is selling jewelry to department stores and specialty shops throughout the United States, including Macy’s, Nordstrom and the Studio Museum in Harlem. For more information, visit