Terence Crutcher and TPD Officer Betty Shelby (219882)
Credit: Contributed/Tusla Police Department

Reports indicate that white Tulsa, Okla. police officer Betty Shelby, who was acquitted this week for the killing of unarmed Black Terrence Crutcher, is keeping her job.

Law enforcement officials say that while Shelby won’t be serving in a patrol capacity, she will remain on the force. No word on what she will be doing for the Tulsa Police Department.

Shelby was charged with the 2016 fatal shooting of Crutcher, 40, after his car was stalled and someone called 911 to report his vehicle in the middle of the street blocking traffic. Dash cam video shows that Crutcher had his hands up when he was tased and Shelby fired. Cruthcher was unarmed.

A jury acquitted Shelby this week on manslaughter charges leading to backlash from the community who say race was a factor in the killing.

Crutcher’s family says Shelby is “unfit” to serve and should be terminated.