Harlem Rally (240562)
Credit: Bill Moore photo

Activists gathered last week to condemn the rebranding of Harlem south of 125th Street as “SoHa.” Comptroller Scott M. Stringer even delivered remarks at a Manhattan Community Board 10 news conference on the southeast corner of West 115th Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard, Harlem. The Wednesday, May 24, 2017, rally announced community leaders’ and residents’ objection to use of the name “SoHa” in connection with Harlem neighborhoods and businesses. Wednesday, April 5, 2017, at its Full Board meeting, Manhattan Community Board 10 overwhelmingly passed a resolution that did the following three things:

• Condemned the use of the name “SoHa” for the marketing of any products, goods and/or services and objected to designating any Harlem geographic location or destination as “SoHa”

• Called on elected officials and community leaders to clearly voice their objections to the usage of the name “SoHa”

• Community Board 10 will encourage and assist our elected officials to propose appropriate legislation to curtail real estate brokers, developers and others from renaming or rebranding any areas of Harlem.