Ice T, Coco, and daughter Chanel (241011)
Credit: Rookie USA

Rookie USA presented their rocking spring/summer ’17 NYFW show featuring celebrity and non-celebrity dads who bopped down the runway with their kids. There were also many big brothers and sisters accompanying their siblings. It was a lot of fun seeing these talented young models making their moves on the runway with such personality, swagger and style. For openers, a young model (obviously a basketball player) dribbled her ball down the runway. When she stopped at the end of the runway, right in front of the photographers, she performed a dribbling routine, bouncing the ball backward, through her legs and every way you can imagine. She was very entertaining.

There were several celebrities in the audience with their families as well as on the runway. The latter including Ice-T with his wife Coco and daughter Chanel, who was modeling a Rookies USA outfit. Also present and representing several mothers and sisters on the runway, Evelyn Braxton was there with her kids. The clothes were spunky and sporty. There were shorts, shirts, jackets, leggings, pants, sneakers, socks, caps and sweaters. Tops and jackets were often reversible and color coordinated. The looks were fun, functional for teens, toddlers,

pre-teens, boys and girls.

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