In Tuesday’s New York Times, A.G. Sulzberger, the paper’s new publisher, recounted portions of the paper’s history, noting that it began when his great-great-grandfather, Adolph Ochs, left his hometown of Chattanooga, Tenn. for New York City. On purchasing the paper in 1896, Ochs said his vision of the paper was “to give the news impartially, without fear or favor, regardless of party, sect or interests involved.”

Those words are powerful and are perhaps something we can dwell on later. But most instructive in Sulzberger’s editorial as he becomes the paper’s publisher are these words:

“This is also, of course, a period of profound challenge for The Times, for the news media more broadly, and for everyone who believes that journalism sustains a healthy society.

“There was a reason freedom of speech and freedom of the press were placed first among our essential rights. Our founders understood that the free exchange of ideas and the ability to hold power to account were prerequisites for a successful democracy. But a dangerous confluence of forces is threatening the press’s central role in helping people understand and engage with the world around them.”

Without mentioning Trump’s name, it’s hard to believe Sulzberger did not have POTUS in mind. If ever there was a seemingly impregnable impediment, “a dangerous confluence of forces… threatening the press’s central role in helping people understand and engage with the world around them,” Trump is at the vortex of those forces.

As Trump has said on more than one occasion, the “press is the enemy of the people.” With the celebration of the new year behind us, we are reminded of the menacing future each time Trump decides it’s time to tweet or retweet.

His tweets and retweets, no matter how obnoxious and polluted with alternative facts and fake news, should not signal our retreat.

“Are you ready for some football” is the cry now being bellowed on television and elsewhere, when in fact it should be are you ready for some Trump?

We certainly are ready here at the AmNews and after nearly a year of front page editorials calling for his removal from office, we are by no means weary. Our mission, our goal is no less than it was when we started this crusade, and let us repeat it again as we embark on the dark days ahead. To Make America Great Again, Trump Must Go!