Education (148476)

The State Assembly proposes a $1.5 billion increase in school funding, including $1.2 billion in Foundation Aid as part of a four-year plan to fully phase in the remainder of the Foundation Aid that New York State owes to schools.

Advocates from the Alliance for Quality Education say getting the budget enacted is essential to addressing the educational racism that leaves the state ranked nearly last in the nation in school funding equity.

The Assembly-proposed school aid increase is double that proposed by the governor and their Foundation Aid increase is almost three times as large.

The proposal includes investments to improve school climate and safety that addresses the school-to-prison pipeline. It also proposes adding $50 million for expansion of pre-K and includes funding to address the lack of teacher diversity, by expanding recruitment and retention of teachers of color.

An income tax surcharge on earners who make more than $5 million is also being proposed, along with a variety of other revenue-raising measures that would generate the revenue for investments in schools.