You don’t ever really know a person’s full story, unless they have the strength to choose to share it. Such is the case with Chesney Snow, who, with Rebecca Arends, has written “The Unwritten Law,” which is an honest, thought-provoking story on his life. Snow, known for his beatbox sounds in his role of Boxman in “In Transit” on Broadway, has a very personal, sad, difficult story to tell about his own real-life issues that involved a lot of family separation, being raised by other family members, having an incarcerated father as well as a disabled cousin and a sister who was molested, and struggling to find his way in the entertainment business.

Snow is known for his beatbox sounds and has a diverse beatbox background, and he utilizes his skills in the production. Snow tells the audience his story and as he talks of other characters—his mother, his father, his sister, his mother’s boyfriend—actors come out and perform beautiful, poignant, interpretative dance to live music representing these characters, and then take on the roles and speak.

There is something very captivating about this play. This original approach to presenting his story is masterfully done. Snow is completely honest and moving as he shares his life and all that he has come from and through to be where he is today. He is inspiring to experience. In addition to Snow, the marvelous actors on the stage include Rebecca Arends, who actually has a quadruple role because she is the production director and choreographer as well. Other cast members include Lara Dadap, A. J. Khaw and Maleek Washington.

This play will have you mesmerized, but you must act quickly because it will only be at Dixon Place, located at 161A Chrystie St., through Sept. 29. For more information, visit