The Chamber Coalition-New American Chamber of Commerce, the African-American International Chamber of Commerce and the Hispanic-American International Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Equity Smart Realty, Inc., is proud to present its annual International & Multicultural Business Expo on Wednesday, June 19, at the Sheraton Brooklyn Hotel, 228 Duffield Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201. This is the ideal Expo for the novice, information seeker, prospective and current homeowners, realtors, investors, entrepreneurs, marketing and salespersons to come together and learn how to create, keep and build wealth.

The International & Multicultural Business Expo promises to be high energy and impactful. The day starts with a Welcome VIP Breakfast, and continues with 20 empowering seminars, an exhibiting hall of businesses and a Networking Luncheon. During the day, attendees will have the opportunity to network with other businesses and share information about their products and services as well as attend 20+ FREE educational seminars and workshops. These include Equity Smart Realty Inc. Real Estate Track, Doing Business with the U.N. and Battery Park, Marketing Strategies for Your Business and much more! Presenters will be top business experts and representatives from state and federal agencies. For registration of seminars and more information, please visit

June is Caribbean-American Heritage Month as well as the Juneteenth commemoration date—June 19, 1865. This Expo is a celebration of multiculturalism, empowerment and achievement which all minority communities can be part of.

Success starts Thursday, June 19, 2019. It’s one day, one location, endless opportunities. What you will learn is secrets and strategies for success. You can and will realize your entrepreneurial dreams, and grow and take your business to new heights. Don’t miss this opportunity. Don’t miss out on this event. Register to attend at

Brian Figeroux, Esq., founder of the Chamber Coalition, said that the “American Dream is twofold: that of starting a business and owning a home. At the New American Chamber of Commerce we seek to empower our members and the wider community to achieve those goals. That’s why we are having our International & Multicultural Business Expo. The theme of the Expo is, ‘One Day, One Location, Endless Opportunities,’ and that is what it is all about. How are we going to pass wealth from one generation to another? How are we going to create a legacy? By owning a home, starting a business and investing in property.  

“Save the date: Wednesday, June 19, 2019. It’s a day of opportunity and we invite all to come. Lao Tzu said that, ‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.’ The path to building wealth and creating legacies starts Wednesday, June 19. It’s that first, one step. Don’t miss it.”

Victoria Falk, CEO of Passionate

Travel Inc., and vice president of AAICC, says, “I highly recommend that if you are in business, or seriously thinking about starting a business that you attend the upcoming International & Multicultural Business Expo. In this age of high technology, connecting with people on a personal level is still very important.  We do business with people we know, like and trust.  There’s no better way to establish initial rapport with a potential client or business partner than at the Expo. So bring your business cards, a positive attitude, and be prepared to network with other professional people who want to meet you.  Attend the seminars and learn from people who have quality information to help you get to your next level. Personally, I have gained new customers and business partners, as well as valuable information that has put me ahead of my competition at previous expos presented by the Chamber Coalition. So mark your calendar and prepare to attend the International & Multicultural Business Expo Wednesday, June 19, 2019.

Exhibiting tables are still available. Call 718-722-9217. To learn more or register now, visit