The Kyrie Irving-Rod Strickland Summer Basketball League and Uptown Challenge, the leagues for high school and college youth, have begun another season featuring some of this area’s most competitive student athletes.

The Irving-Strickland league is comprised of four age divisions: 8 and under, 10 and under, 12 and under, and 14 and under, eight teams in each division.

Their games are played in the South Bronx on St. Anns and 149th Street. Uptown Challenge games are played in Harlem on Fifth Avenue and 130th Street, the Courtney Callender playground, which has a new court beautifully laid out by the city’s Parks Department, just in time to start their season.

LaMarr Dyson heads the Irving-Strickland League. Jim Couch heads up Uptown Challenge, an NCAA college sanctioned league.

Participating teams such as Riverside, the Gauchos, Milbank, New Heights and the New York Rens are given reversible uniforms by each of the leagues. Participating teams in both leagues are also coached by some of the best youth basketball coaches and scouts in this city.

Both leagues play each weekend throughout the summer, closing out their summer league seasons with playoffs and championships

in mid August.