Special to the AmNews

There is something that just warms the soul when you watch a William Shakespeare play. I absolutely love watching the work of the Bard, so you can imagine my delight with “Measure for Measure,” playing at The Duke Theatre at 229 W. 42nd St. and presented by The Acting Company. This particular staging is performed by actors in modern-day apparel which, rather than detracting from the play, brings it into modern times.

“Measure for Measure” is a delight and involves themes of forbidden love, disguises, clever deceptions, arrogance and hypocrisy, and “an eye for an eye.” If you know the story you will enjoy this telling, and if you don’t know the story you will be in for a treat, having the opportunity to experience first-hand the complex but fascinating storyline of this work and the humor and drama it contains.

The cast, an effective, versatile and talented ensemble, includes Keshav Moodliar, Jason Bowen, Lorenzo Jackson, Sam Lilja, Rebekah Brockman, Anthony Bowden, Laura Gragtmans, Henry Jenkinson, Galen Ryan Kane and Katherine Renee Turner. The production has stunning direction by Janet Zarish.

Technically, it was captivating with the costumes of Jessica Wegener Shay, simplistic scenic design by Neil Patel and lighting design by Alan C. Edwards. Go and experience “Measure for Measure.” For more information, visit