Use this week’s energy to get that project started that you’ve been thinking about all year. If you find yourself thinking about traveling, by all means, do it. Good luck Jupiter is in your travel house, so anything involving other cultures is a boon. Take risks this week. Risk asking that person out, asking for a raise, applying to grad school. Buckle up! Things will move FAST.

You are going to want to spend some quality time at home this week. At night. With someone sexy. Why? Venus and the Sun are beautifying your home life. And Jupiter is jacking up your sex life. Jupiter is spinning in the area of your chart that rules powerful transformation. And that includes orgasms. Venus wants to luxuriate. The Sun wants to express itself and Jupiter wants to expand through intimate connection. Single? Turn some attention onto not being single. Swipe a few rights!

You are the queen of the playground this week. You are a social, witty and charming sunflower and the butterflies and bees find you irresistible. You may not be able to fit it all onto your social calendar. This is a great week for making connections and networking. You are on fire. Remember to listen at least as much of the time as you spend talking. We know, you’re charming as heck, Gemini. But so are the people that want to talk to you! Listen up!

What is the next step for you as far as strengthening your earning power? Is there a promotion you’re after? This is a great week to make some power moves at work. This is the time to assess the value of your possessions. Is there too much stuff piling up? Give your space a walk-through. If you haven’t thought about or touched it in 12 months, get rid of it. You’ll be making space for the next set of wonderful objects to find their way to you.

The Sun that rules your sign is creatively collaborating with both planets of good fortune. The area of your chart that involves new romance and creative projects is being lit up by some very positive vibes. All eyes are on you this week, Leo. And we know how much you love that. If there is a special someone in your orbit, don’t be shy about letting them know that you are interested. Do something obvious and fun. If you are artistically inclined, make some love-inspired (performance) art!

This week, you can expect an onslaught of emotions that seemingly come out of nowhere. You are going to feel intrinsically attached to everyone and everything. Sometimes this will feel super glowy and spiritual. At other times, a baby will smile at you and you’ll burst into tears for feeling so moved by the beauty and innocence in this world. There is a lot of emotional growth to be gained this week. You will be able to take responsibility for your part in some of life’s dramas. Good work.

It’s all about your friends this week. Shower them with sweet everythings. Connect with your tribe and show them how much they mean to you. Host a get-together at the park or at your favorite nightspot. Maybe a boozy brunch. Make like it’s everyone’s birthday and make all their wishes come true. Jupiter is supporting your communications. Where Jupiter goes, honesty flows so this is a great week for truth-telling. Is there something that you need to say? Say it.

It’s a great week to show off at work. The powers that be have their eyes on you and the planets are lined up to bless you with more responsibility and resources. You know what you bring to the table, so walk tall at work and look the boss directly in the eye. You are valuable to the people you work with and you deserve all of the accolades. What are you going to do with your new-found power? It’s time for an upgrade. Maybe a new power suit? Or power convertible?

The world is your oyster. Get out into it because the attractive planet Venus wants to connect with people and places that are nothing like the ones that you have always surrounded yourself with. Check out those travel blogs and plan a trip. It’s a great time to step up your studies. The word of the day is growth. Expand your sphere of influence. Expand what it is that you know. Jupiter is popping your popularity factor. Try everything!

Your intimate connections are highlighted this week. Power struggles are relaxed. If you are in a business partnership, you will find that the division of labor is feeling particularly good. Everyone is feeling valued and the cooperation is flowing. This is mirrored in your sexual partnerships. If you have a romantic other, you are more powerful as a duo right now. You might think of creating something in partnership.

You are looking for love in all the right places. Actually, you don’t even have to look because everyone is looking at you. What is it you want from a relationship right now? Is it just a playmate? Or do you want something more? Be clear about what you want and claim it as yours now. Your social circles are expanding. The friends that show up for you right now are the real deal. Accept every invitation that comes your way.

This is your month to feel good and look good. Check in with the body and tend to its needs. Get back on the mat or go back to dance class. Have fun staying in or getting back into shape. Jupiter is supporting this endeavor. Jupiter is also making moves in your career sector so if you have any inclination of stepping up the career, do it. Upgrade the resume. Keep an eye out for jobs that make more money or move your career along. The stars are on your side.