Hampton University entered into an agreement with the University of the Bahamas-North (UB-North) to allow students who have been displaced by Hurricane Dorian to continue their education on the historically-Black university’s campus.

Hampton’s President Dr. William R. Harvey and Dr. Rodney Smith, the president of the University of the Bahamas and the former administrative vice president and chief planning officer at Hampton University, came to this agreement after Hurricane Dorian battered the Bahamas with high winds and rain for more than two days, causing extensive damage and several deaths.

“I think this agreement is something that can be helpful to a great number of students and families, and is part of something I’ve tried to do my entire career—helping people to achieve and meet their goals,” said Harvey.

Students from UB-North will be able to attend classes at Hampton for the fall 2019 semester, receive room and board for one semester, and will have the option to stay at Hampton once the semester is over at regular rates for tuition and fees.

“Hampton has been the educational choice for many Bahamians over its long history. I am grateful to President Harvey and university leadership on this demonstration of kindness and humanity to my home in our time of need,” said Lawrence Rigby, UB-North. “Young Bahamians from Abaco and Grand Bahama who are looking for the tools to rebuild their lives and our home will find them at Hampton.”

In a statement released last week, UB-North Vice President Dr. Ian G. Strachan said that several buildings were destroyed during Hurricane Dorian, including a new residential facility that will be closed indefinitely. He confirmed that the fall semester at UB-North is not canceled and will resume on Sept. 30.

“In the face of this sudden destruction, it has still been so heartwarming to see the outpouring of love and concern expressed by our fellow citizens throughout the country and by our international neighbors; and it has been just as heartwarming to know that concern is matched by an unreserved willingness to help in any tangible way possible,” Strachan said. “We will need all the help we can get to rebuild our homes and communities and to build our new UB-North campus.”