There is a hidden treasure for the family on the corner of 42nd Street and 9th Avenue. Well, maybe not truly hidden since from half a block away you can see the name on the building: “Pip’s Island.” Well let me tell you, if you have children ages 4-10 it is something to visit, experience and enjoy. “Pip’s Island” is a very interactive experience for the youngsters.

Children are given imagination vests and glowing wristbands and then embark on an adventure to help Pip, Pebbles and Finn save Pip’s Island from the evil Volter. The children, who become Explorers, and their parents, who become assistant Explorers and sit on the sidelines, get to walk into a world of detailed, imaginative sets, and search for clues and key elements using a special book to guide their way. The Explorers go into different environments and in each environment have to either fix something, navigate the waters, or find things in the room to go on to the next phase to get to Pip’s Island. As they accomplish tasks they get sparks in the form of badges. Along the way they discover some very unique, new friends. This interactive entertainment is also full of wonderful singing by the characters they encounter on their journey. They also come up against evil mole creatures. Going to a bakery, they meet an enormous, gentle creature called a Grumble, who has eaten one of the characters they need to meet in order to continue their journey. The Explorers have to find a way to get the Grumble to belch the character out. It’s quite a moment. As the children go into different scenarios they have to work together as a team. They have to use both their senses and common sense. There are many funny moments along the way. And this is definitely an experience where kids will say the funniest things while in a moment.

The children get to search for items, sail a ship, visit a colorful bakery, release a character from inside of a mirror and when they reach Pip’s Island, they must work together to battle and defeat the evil Vulture. The show has puppets, interactive set pieces and animated characters. When I went to “Pip’s Island” I took my 17-year-old daughter, my adult niece and her three children: Aiden, age 6, Amber and Autumn, age 4, and these children had a total blast. They were totally into everything that was happening around them. They were engaged, entertained and educated during their adventure. They danced when it was time to dance, they steered the ship and manned the ship’s stations and completely embraced working alongside other children whom they had never met before. It was truly a magnificent thing to see. It’s so beautiful how children are so open and will easily and happily associate with other children. It is also inspiring to see all the skills and learning that was going on right in front of our eyes, though the children were not realizing it. The children had to investigate, activate, build and imagine and defeat Vulture, who was very mean and spoke rudely to them. They completed their mission and were jumping up and down, thrilled and proud of their victory. “Pip’s Island” incorporates a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) curriculum, but the kids just thought of it as exciting and fun.

What was beautiful and so engaging about this experience is that all the children were encouraged to recognize that everyone has that inner spark in them and that they should always let their light shine. “Pip’s Island” is an hour-long adventure and is the brainchild of sister and brother Rania Ajami and Chief Creative Officer and founder Rami Ajami, and CEO, founder and creative director Walter Krudop. To book your youngsters’ phenomenal immersive interactive adventure at 400 W. 42nd St. visit