The full moon is upon us on the 13th, dominating the astro-news for the week. The year’s only full moon in brash, impatient Aries is in challenging relationship to power-hungry Pluto. Deep breaths and slowing down will help us all not step into shit this weekend. The Sun in Libra opposite the Moon (that’s what a full moon is) in Aries suggests that hell is other people. I don’t mean to be so dark. It’s just…Pluto. On the other hand, or maybe it’s the same hand, just farther down the road, relationships can experience fantastic transformation and growth with this configuration. It’s not all doom and gloom. Jupiter adds some optimism and even fun to the weekend. He’s in a harmonious dynamic with the fiery moon. Read on to see how it affects you!

Aries: You will feel super comfortable in your own skin this weekend. Jupiter is blasting you with big dog energy. But tread lightly, Aries. The square to Saturn is challenging your career zone. So, try not to piss off the boss. With the full moon in your first house, you are definitely feeling yourself. Pluto can get competitive so keep eyes open for friendly competitors. Your fiery get-it-done energy may be misread.

Taurus: Full moon in Aries in the house of secrets suggests that a significant relationship may be coming to an end. It’s relationship season after all. And the moon is moving through the house of endings. Transits through this house bring transformation. What is it time to let go of? Allow yourself the luxury of moving at your own pace. Don’t jump into anything new.

Gemini: This full moon is highlighting your friend groups, the future and technology. You may be moved to get involved in some artistic collaboration or some new tech group thingy. With Pluto squaring, there are definitely some hidden components. Pluto also adds the potential for change and transformation. So, if your collabs are geared towards activism, change the world!

Cancer: The full moon is culminating in the area of your chart that holds your career and relationship to the public. Full moons are a time of flowering, so hopefully you’re feeling appreciated and that career stuff is moving in the right direction. You may be dealing with some weird office politics. Maybe you and a colleague are vying for the same promotion. Jupiter is giving you a leg up from the sixth house of work so things should work out your way.

Leo: The full moon is blasting your expansive ninth house with light giving wonderful energy to the energies of expansion and world travel. Got big ideas brewing? Throw all of your energy into them. And then watch Pluto try to take all the wind out of your sales. Don’t worry. Jupiter has got your back and is sending you hot rays of creativity and good luck.

Virgo: Your full moon is a super emotional one with the full moon lighting up the intimate house of shared everything. Shared DNA. Shared body fluids. Shared financial holdings. Whatever binds you to another. Your close relationships are deepening and transforming. But Pluto is in on it and Pluto causes stuff to bubble up from deep, dark places. The ride could be bumpy but Jupiter in the fourth suggests that ultimately, hearts are opening.

Libra: The moon brings even more balance to your balanced life. All of your relationships will feel the love. Pluto is going to encourage some deep truths to be revealed. Be ready for some intense conversations this month. Be grateful. True friends tell each other the truth. Jupiter is going to assist you with these tough talks. Be honest. Listen intensely. Watch your friendships/loveships evolve.

Scorpio: Put everything in order, Scorpio, because the full moon is in the sixth house of analytical thinking and detailed/ordered everything. It’s a great month to get back to the gym because there is a lot of energy to be harnassed in the sign of Aries. Make a date with your financial advisor or your smartest money friend and take a look at your money stuff. It’s a great time to make some improvements. Jupiter is smiling on your resources.

Sagittarius: The moon is in your fifth house of romance, creativity and art-making. It’s a great time to get a bun in the oven! It’s a great time to birth anything creative, Sagittarius. Don’t be surprised when plans don’t seem to unfold your way. Pluto is in the house, making things a little harder than you’d planned. Jupiter in your sign gives you all the confidence you need to get things done anyway. And navigating the challenges just makes you better, stronger, faster!

Capricorn: This full moon, stay clear of anyone you think may piss you off because you just might cut a b!tch. That goes double for anyone you’re related to. Family stuff takes center-stage this full moon. And, in Aries, there could be some bumping of the heads. You may be struggling to reconcile where you came from. Pluto on your ascendant gives you awesome amounts of personal power. Be mindful not to turn it on people that you love. It could cause permanent damage.

Aquarius: The third house full moon suggests that you have some serious conversations to have this lunation, Aquarius. And if you refuse to do your own inner work, you’re going to end up projecting all of your stuff onto others in a tragic state of denial. Jupiter is here to help. You have plenty of people around you who are willing to offer clear and honest reflections if you are willing to hear and see them.

Pisces: Get that money in order, Pisces. The light of the moon is shining all over whatever it is that you value. For most of us, that’s money, land, resources. Good news might come in the form of a job offer or a promotion. You may be experiencing some not so friendly competition at work or from someone in your friend group. Jupiter in your career house gives you a leg up as far as the job is concerned.