This weekend brings the year’s only new moon in Scorpio. We are all asked to be more honest about everything. Our deep truths and our secret desires are important. There is no room for fear, doubt and shame in the life of a profoundly healthy human.

ARIES: The new moon in Scorpio is in the house of mergers. Whomever you are connecting with deeply deserves special attention. If you are in a thing, go deeper. If you’re not, you’ve got an excess of intense energy, so use it. Shake your booty, booty call, whatever. Burn, baby, burn.

TAURUS: All of your one-on-ones are in the spotlight this new moon. Scorpio rules your house of relationships. Work relationships and love relationships are influenced by this lunation. Feel the energy rising. Use it in your collaborations. Get off the relationship couch and try something new. Wink.

GEMINI: Scorpio new moon in the sixth house makes it a good time to dig deep into your physical space and clean up. Get rid of the physical things that are laying around the house and the office that serve no purpose and simply take up space. You’ll feel lighter, which is how any good Gemini should always feel.

CANCER: You may feel a deep need to create something profound and authentic. You want to connect deeply. This is a great lunation for a passionate connection whether through art or through sex. Is someone inspiring you to create? Who is your muse? Be careful not to get pregnant.

LEO: Deep excavations are happening at home. Maybe literally, but probably emotionally. Mommy issues live well here. Who raised you and what are you still grappling with from those teachings? If they aren’t helping you, then get to work building up your inner muscles. If it doesn’t kill you, blah blah.

VIRGO: There is more going on in your day-to-day communications than meets the eye. But then again, you probably already knew that. Is there flirtation between you and the cutey that makes your coffee, pumps your gas or makes your egg sandwich? You may get into some serious truth-telling with friends this weekend.

LIBRA: Scorpio in the second speaks to your money. How you make it. Is your work, uh, eccentric? Or maybe not all the way 100 percent legal. Tolerated. Expect some sudden changes when it comes to your holdings. Read all of the fine prints before signing anything, better yet, don’t sign anything until the beginning of November.

SCORPIO: New moon incoming. This is a sexy season for you. Or it can be. Your smolder is undeniable. More importantly, deep change is afoot. The real you is emerging and the real you is awesome. It is possible you may be experiencing some growing pains. Venus and Mercury are in your sign. Communicating may feel awkward. People will feel drawn to your depth. You’ll know whether to let them in or not.

SAGITTARIUS: This month you are invited to go deep into the receptive waters of you. Meditate, get in a float tank, or better yet, get a massage. Go through the body to eventually let go of the body. You have got some stuff stuck in the muscles that’s ready to come out. This will not be a sweet release, but a mighty deluge of worn-out emotional crap that you don’t need.

CAPRICORN: This is a social time for you, Cappy. The moon and the sun are in your 11th house. Which friend groups are you resonating with the most? Get them all together. What do y’all love to do together? Do that. Update all your tech. Apps, upgrade. Laptop, do it. Maybe there’s an online community you’ve been wanting to check out. Check it out!

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PISCES: Deep Scorpio is your 9th house of travel and expansion. Something profound and potentially transformative to go down far away from home. Look at places out of town, preferably out of the country. Swipe right on a person from another place. Imagine yourself in far-off lands. Read travel writers and get inspired!