Mercury continues his retrograde travels through Scorpio this week offering us the opportunity to discover how we really feel about ourselves. Do we feel powerful? Are we grasping onto tales and familial myths that drain our power? Saturn offers some solid support if we choose to put into practice some habits that are self-sustaining and self-supportive. What is it going to take to get you to rise up and step into your best self? Who is the real you? Do you have a sense of what your life purpose is? What practical steps can you take to start locating and moving towards a version of you that will make you proud?

ARIES: Mercury wants you to pay close attention to your work contracts. Refrain from signing any important documents until the 21st. Reread the small print on any existing contracts binding you financially with another. You are consolidating your power career-wise. Make sure your collaborations reflect this.

TAURUS: This week is offering you deep and honest communication with your significant other, your boss, your best friend and all of your important one-on-ones. Watch the bond between you deepen as you take a risk and do some truth-telling and/or apologizing.

GEMINI: Review your work strategies this week, Gemini. Make sure that you aren’t spinning your wheels and getting nowhere. Be your own efficiency expert. Responsible Saturn adds a feeling of maturity in your work environment, suggesting that powerful folks (including yourself) are taking you more seriously.

CANCER: If you are doing the delicate work of using your creativity to mine the depths of you, to understand yourself, where you’ve been and where you’re going, be mindful that your creative partners are on the same page. Do you trust your partners with your story and/or vision? Check in with a team meeting.

LEO: Wild child, what do unconditional love and work have in common? If there is a way to connect to the energy of service as it relates to your work, you will feel a profound feeling of purpose. You will unlock love for yourself and it will ooze out onto the folks that you touch during your workday. All work is service work. It simply depends on how much energy of the heart you are putting into it.

VIRGO: Turn to your siblings, your cousins and your aunties for creative inspiration. There are life-affirming and creative messages to be mined from these familial relationships. Spend some quality time with the fam if you can. No family close by? Plan a neighborly visit.

LIBRA: We know you like your fine things, Ms. Gorgeous, but now is the time to assess what you have, and not necessarily add to your spoils. Turn your mind towards money-making and pay close attention to any joint investments shared with family members.

SCORPIO: You are going to want to pull yourself out of your social scene this week and pay attention to what you are doing with yourself. This is a time to conserve your personal energy and to resist casting your pearls before underserving swine. It’s time to cultivate love and trust in your own power.

SAGITTARIUS: This week Mercury and Saturn are collaborating and you are strengthening, externalizing and crystallizing your own sense of value. What physical evidence can you locate that suggests that you are growing your own idea of yourself?

CAPRICORN: How are the relationships that you have been culitivating growing you as a person? Do your peers reflect the kind of person you aspire to be? If there is anyone near you who could function as a mentor, approach. You are in a maturation phase.

AQUARIUS: Review the landscape of your place of business. Are you feeling valued? If yes, yay. No? You may be projecting some self-deprecating core beliefs. There is shadow work in your present. You must get to work killing the old ideas of yourself. You are powerful. Do whatever it takes to drive this message home.

PISCES: Presently, it is a wonderful time to continue digesting and re-digesting the spiritual principles that you hold so dear. Connect with your spiritual community. Study together. Pray together. Meditate together. Your knowingness is consolidating. The laws that you live your life by are deepening inside of you. Your practice is popping!