A peek at the year to come:

On December 2, 2019, Big Fat Exuberant Lucky and Awesome Jupiter moved into Capricorn. At first, it can seem like an ill-suited coupling. Jupiter is extroverted and wants to try everything and go everywhere. Plans, be damned. Capricorn is methodical and likes to plan. keeps its eye on the prize and is never—well, rarely distracted. Jupiter loves a good distraction. For the next year, we get the best of both. Jupiter provides energy and growth. Capricorn provides dedication to a cause. Read further to see where Jupiter is blessing your chart. A gentle reminder, the signs below represent your Rising Sign, the sign rising over the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth. Don’t know yours? Try astro.com. You’ll need your date and time of birth. Read your Sun sign too. Read them all! Whatever feels good, keep it.

ARIES: It’s time to make some serious career moves, Aries. Who do you know that can help you take steps up the professional ladder? How do you feel at the job? Are your skills being taken advantage of? If not, it may be a great time to take a look around your field and see if there are others that may make better use of your gifts. It may also be time to branch out on your own. You’d be better at that anyway.

TAURUS: This year, you will be getting more serious about your spiritual life (or even studies). Take steps to navigate the incoming journey inward. Do you have a spiritual community? Find the support that you need to continue navigating your deep self. Also, what part of the world are you instinctively drawn to? Travel brings good things, so start researching the globe. Where would you go if you could go anywhere?

GEMINI: You love to connect with others, Gemini, so good news. Jupiter is going to have you connecting deeply both professionally and romantically. You know who to trust and you know who you want to build with. So trust your gut. You can do more together than apart. We know, you’re two people, Gemini. But, learn to completely trust another and you’ll make a powerful triad!

CANCER: This year you will feel a growth spurt in the way you connect with others. Allow yourself to be pulled out of your shell. This year, you will learn more about who you are in your professional and social relationships. Allow yourself to move slowly outside of your comfort zone. Jupiter helps us with trust. You will have some pleasant surprises that help grow your trust in others

LEO: Look forward to a busy year professionally. You will be experiencing more responsibility on the job and doing so will require you to be more diligent when it comes to taking care of your body. Focus on the wellness practices that keep you balanced and energized. You’ll need a strong body to support all of the good work you’ll be doing!

VIRGO: This year you will grow into a powerful creator. You will have ample opportunities to show off your talents to the world. What is it that you make? Music? Cookies? Puppets? You will find that this year you will be less inclined to shit-talk yourself and more awake to the fact that people love what you do. It warms them. So lean into that, Virgo. Feels, good, right?

LIBRA: This year your growth opportunities take place in your foundations: your home and your family. You will get the opportunity to dig up loose bricks in the form of family stuff. Let the healing begin. You will then be ready to fortify your present life. Your current home is your garden, and Jupiter is Miracle-Gro. What seeds will you plant?

SCORPIO: This year you are being asked to grow into your communication style. Your voice will travel farther and wider this year, so what have you got to say, Scorp? Jupiter brings us the truth. We know you Scorpios love to know what’s really going on. So dig up the truth and share it with the rest of us.

SAGITTARIUS: Expect material blessings this year, Sag. You will grow into your own value and learn how to capitalize on your own talents. You know your worth. This is a year where you can channel that knowing into financial gains. Look to real estate and making investments. Not sure-things. Slow and steady growth wins the race.

CAPRICORN: Capricorns have a lot going on this year. Great change and great power are to be had by all Sea-Goats. So, knowing that you love to focus, what great projects are you jazzed about? Because wherever you turn your razor-like attention, that is where you are going to experience incredible growth. Onwards and steadily upwards.

AQUARIUS: Ok, clever Aquarians. We know that you love socializing and that you can effortlessly work a room. This year, however, the growth for you is in quiet places. You are incubating creative genius and you need the quiet to be able to hear, capture and create the magic that will come pouring out of you the following year. Hold onto your hats!

PISCES: Get out there and get socializing, Fishes. The magic spot for you is in your social networks. If you find that you are feeling less than enthused by the folks that you are currently surrounding yourself with, then find new folks to surround yourself with. It may sound cold, but there are 7 billion interesting people in the world. Next!