Jupiter, the planet of big ideas and the seeker of truth, is in a harmonious trine with rebellious Uranus. Expect to be thrust into your own future without warning. Expect the revolutionary good to come flying at you from a place that you would least expect it.

ARIES: Stay wide open to your intuitive flashes. The innovative thinking you bring to your workplace may be the reason that you receive some unexpected good news at work. Maybe a raise or a promotion is in the works. People in power think highly of you. Your mind is your sexiest asset.

TAURUS: Your search for truth and deeper meaning in your life has you surrounded by like-minded seekers. These groups of new friends whether they are new or old are very good for you now. Fertile ground for growth. You will push your comfort zone outwards with these new partnerships.

GEMINI: Do not waste your time with relationships where you have to fake smile. If you can’t bring your whole self to the party, cancel the party. This is a great time to get allow yourself to get to know one or two people very deeply. Take a risk and reveal yourself fully to another. In doing so, you will learn things about yourself that you are only now ready to understand.

CANCER: The gifts of Jupiter will come to you through your interactions with others. A special other, perhaps. If you’ve been feeling sparks with someone, now is the time to push things along. Maybe you can work together on a project. Computer dating? Unexpected gifts may come to you through technological avenues.

LEO: It’s all about work for you, Lion. If you feel physically sick on your way to work, you need to start looking for something else. You need to feel good in your body on the job. Prioritize your health. Take advantage of the fact that your health insurance covers your gym membership. Healthy body, healthy career.

VIRGO: Feel good about your creative projects, Virgo. Jupiter is blessing your creative space with lots of expansive vibes. Look for unexpected opportunities from abroad. Is there a way that you could earn money internationally. Foreign ideas, good ideas. It’s time to get outside of your comfort zone.

LIBRA: Your home is a beautiful sanctuary where you and others go to heal. Dedicate time and energy to building your nest. Restoring your home. Make sure that there are places to curl up and do nothing. Invite your closest peeps over for do nothing and chill. Your relationship’s roots deepen in the quiet stillness.

SCORPIO: You are super passionate about the people in your life at the moment. You have a lot of energy for socializing and hanging out. Your gifts will make themselves visible when you are out and about, exchanging ideas with your friends and neighbors. Collaborations are ideal right now. If there is someone you work well with, try to create a reason to join forces.

SAGITTARIUS: It’s time to expand your job description or to take on more responsibility at work. You feel ready for the next challenge. This is a great time for you to take professional risks. Jupiter is blessing the area of your chart that rules the way you earn and value. Jupiter is like miracle grow. Uranus pushes you forward. Expect your personal best.

CAPRICORN: You are experiencing a true renewal of self. You are growing into an entirely new area of your identity. Maybe your career is settling into a new phase. Maybe you are finally feeling comfortable mentoring others. You are maturing into a wiser, and more confident version of yourself. You are becoming more at ease in your own power.

AQUARIUS: Notice where you are numbing yourself out. Is it possible that something very powerful wants to move through you and you think you may not be ready to accommodate it? Can you visualize and actually bring to your body a true feeling of limitlessness? How do you feel when you ponder the infinite? Where does it live in your body?

PISCES: Get out into the world of people and ideas. There is a group of people in your life that are making you feel more like yourself. Spend more time with those people. Find the folks that inspire you. Your circles are going to start expanding again. And you will expand with them. You are actually discovering new aspects of yourself.