I’ve always thought that it was super generous of Whoever-Planned-It-All to give us our longest night on the first day of winter. As the temperatures drop and the snow piles up, the days are getting longer. It’s as if nature is giving us a little bit of encouragement. Yes, it’s cold, and it’s dark, but daytime is growing and by mid-winter you’ll feel it. You’re welcome. So, another way of saying the Winter Solstice is that the sun goes into Capricorn this week. There is a lot happening in this part of the sky. Pluto and Saturn are conjunct which only ever happens every 35-38 years. We have to assume that wherever Capricorn is in our charts, that we are going to experience explosive (traumatic) irreversible restructuring of some old structures. Great, and then we get to rebuild with a stronger foundation. Read on to see where all the construction will turn up in your life.

ARIES: With Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in your career house, the solstice for you is all about your Empire Building. There is definitely growth in your career future. With Saturn and Pluto also in the mix, growing pains could be severe. The trade-off is huge money-making potential. Pluto likes the monies. In Capricorn, the tiny (ex?) planet doesn’t stop until it gets what it wants.

TAURUS: With the Capricorn cluster in your 9th house, Taurus, your holiday season is bound to be filled with lots of parties, holiday cheer and eggnog. Use these last weeks of the year to plan for your expansive new decade. The sky’s the limit. Definitely plan to push past your comfort zone. You will find success and satisfaction nestled deep in the center of your discomfort.

GEMINI: This solstice season you are not going to be is a super outgoing headspace. You are going to prefer to connect deeply. No shallow connecting under the mistletoe for you. You are going to want to engage in some deep eye-gazing and soul-searching. Your holdiay has themes of coupledom: sexual, financial, contractual coupling.

CANCER: Your holiday is destined to be about you and that special someone. If you are partnered up, definitely go shopping for matching holiday sweaters. No bae, go shopping for matching holiday sweaters! It’s called Retail Magic and it works. What do you imagine your future boo wearing? Buy it!

LEO: The Capricorn cluster is in your sixth house. This is the house that makes sure that we take care of our bodies. Our work life is also highlighted. Hopefully, you can tap into the joy of service this holiday season. Because giving is good medicine for you, Superstar.

VIRGO: You have four and five planets dancing around in your fifth house of passion and romance and creativity. You are going to feel like the belle of the ball this holiday season. If you’re an artist, expect many creative opportunities to come your way. You’ll get lots of opportunities to shine!

LIBRA: Your fourth house of home is loaded up with Capricorn. Cap energy is slow and steady and practical. Get that house winterized. Clean out the gutters. Deep clean the refrigerator. Get all your best blankets strewn all over the house. The home is for hibernating. We know you love to socialize, so think of preparing your nest for the after parties.

SCORPIO: This holiday season is going to be filled with socializing and networking and communication. Put on your jingle bells and flirt your way through the holiday season. You will experience growth through your neighborly connections so let yourself be curious about everyone around you. Ask questions and be open to pleasant surprises.

SAGITTARIUS: You will be more conservative this year when it comes to buying presents. You will exercise restraint because this year you will be planning on expanding your resources, not wasting them. Keep your eye on the real estate section. You may be acquiring new property soon. Start thinking seriously about home ownership.

CAPRICORN: You get to be super self-centered because it’s your party and you’ll fly if you want to. What new projects do you see yourself embarking on? You have a lot of planetary support for getting stuff done. Not saying there won’t be hurdles to get over, but success is imminent. Capricorn will see you through.

AQUARIUS: So the Capricorn party is occupying your 12th house of transitions and deep emotional space. You are going to want to take it easy this holiday season. You aren’t going to have limitless amounts of energy to spare this season. You will need to carve out plenty of time for solitude. Prepare your inner space for the new decade.

PISCES: Your social networks are fertile and filled with pots of gold. This is a great time for you to deck the halls. The 11th house is future-oriented so use that rich imagination of yours to create your dream job, dream relationship, dream vacation, dream home, etc. If you dream it, it will come.