Can you remember the rapid effects of the full moon in Virgo on the 9th? A new moon is in Aries on the 24th this week. Aries, known for passion, desire, aggression, humanitarian spirit, courage, with a strong-willed, warrior-like mentality. Aries acts independently, regardless of the emotional needs or reactions of others. Reduce your fears and remain calm. Meditation and focus are needed to overcome April showers. Think about a time you cried, eyes flooded with tears. This is an emotional cleanse for the soul and the universe. When it’s all over you’ll have clarity, understanding, and compassion knowing that if you’re suffering, another human being is suffering. If you have a gut feeling, tightness in your stomach, itchy feet, then listen and act accordingly. A rebirth of a new nation, a new way of life, a new you, so remove the shackle, worry, doubt, fear and take the throne. Keyword: Culmination

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Capricorn: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It appears you’re seeing more clearly now than ever before. A new approach to how you can be of service to yourself, immediate family, elders, and community is strong. A form of remuneration is due for the work you perform. Your service is appreciated and beneficial. Yes, Capricorn you are blessed and highly favored. The world needs your service. The people need you. The first step is to always protect self first. If it doesn’t resonate with you then it’s not the route to take. Embark on a different route. Protect your heart, avoid heavy lifting to create less strain on the muscles. Too much strain on the eyes causes irritation in focus as well. Relax, you’re in the driver’s seat. Keyword: Originator

Aquarius: Thoughts of rearranging, relocating, and reviewing are in order this week around the home. Your advice to someone may be of great help. You have a radiant glow, a sense of humor, and are enjoying life as you should with a few updates. During this spring equinox, Saturn entered the sign of Aquarius. Your bones/skeletal structure may be a focal point over the next three years. Saturn in Aquarius reforms old ways and develops new ways of making an adjustable contribution to society. Saturn in your sign denotes the Civil Rights Movement, the Great Depression, North American Free Trade Agreement, AI, CERN, Social Security, Facetime, LGBTG issues, etc. Next to come is the reform of economics and a new health care system. Stay strong, stay positive. The pitcher is throwing a curveball. Keyword: Evolution

Pisces: Career choices, possible changes, and favorable opportunities are available this week. What resources do you have in place to solve problems—much fewer than others? You can do it. You can pull through and make a way more swiftly than others this week. First think, then act. Create magic with your hands. A new concept or design may be among the many thoughts racing through your mind. The way you perform will be remarkable, and even you will be excited about the outcome. A new perspective or reward may come your way via a friend or relative to add value to the project. Keyword: Opportunities

Aries: Intuitively, you can feel the changes internally that need to take place. Your gut is pulling, speaking, sending signs to your brain and body, to listen or make changes. Either way, you know your dietary plan has to be different this cycle. A different attitude towards a recent or past situation is also recommended. Do you have five minutes to meditate? A new moon in your sign on the 24th of this month will awaken to purge and start new alliances and unique ways of thinking. Lose the ego this week, Aries. Think more on a universal level now. Your dreams may be more vivid. Pay close attention. Keyword: Purge

Taurus: The feeling of enlightenment, wisdom, astral travel and information received from on high is strong. Sources and revelations to last week’s questions are now being answered. Don’t be alarmed by any awkwardness on your path. Relationships from afar, or from the past and/or current relationships may need to be addressed. Unforeseen outcomes and advice from a Capricorn, Aquarius or wise woman will confirm this. Saturn in Aquarius brings structure, boundaries, and inventive ways to operate and navigate the course. There’s a lesson here. Don’t allow the experience to knock you off your center. Stay focused since there’s a strong possibility a new relationship may start. Keyword: Enlightenment

Gemini: Take a moment and go to a remote place, preferably by water, to hear yourself think. A warm bath or shower will help in your recuperation. Try not to pick up bad or non-productive habits in any form such as drugs, alcohol, or escapism to suppress issues at hand. Rather, address them appropriately. The answers you are seeking can only be answered if you are willing to go down the rabbithole. Don’t neglect expressing what you’re feeling for your growth and development. Be open, for this is the time to express how you feel. Keyword: Affirmation

Cancer: Be creative this week. Discover what artistic talents lie within you. Also take a proactive approach with a strong dose of humor to bring down tensions in the room. News from a distance, past relations and new ideas are flowing your way. A home cooked meal is necessary to bring warmth to a nice cozy scene. Anticipation may bring unwanted aspects when what you really want is to avoid an emotional upheaval. Just let it flow and everything will work out. Keyword: Patience

Leo: No need to add dirt when you have water to put out the fire. However, stay grounded and firm in your resolutions. Be sure the information is also coming from reliable sources. Your friends and even you are maybe a little too chatty this week. It’s best to mind your own business for the moment and stay in your lane. If any elders need help, assist them and make it happen. Financial resources are hovering around your chart this week. Being emotionally torn about relationships, especially those at a distance, suggest you take time to think. Don’t escape it, but rather face it. Keyword: Karma

Virgo: Doing things on a “need to know” basis or in secret appears on your radar this week. Worried? Doubtful, perhaps, of a third-party situation and the outcome? So, the question becomes, are you willing to seek the answers? What advantages and disadvantages are at your feet at this moment? Rest, relax and let the anxiety and overthinking go. Everything will be okay in the end. Do you have faith in your strength? Spiritually, make faith a priority. You already know the answer. Keyword: Courage

Libra: Try not to get caught off guard this cycle. The next three months ahead is a preview of Saturn in Aquarius with a retrograde that dips back into Capricorn. It begins in July and goes direct in September. Then Saturn takes a three-month sabbatical and returns to Aquarius in December. Are you prepared? Are you ready for the lessons? This is going to be a recap for March of what changes are now in development. Before your start connecting the dots, don’t be surprised if you have to zig-zag around slippery slopes beforehand. Do you have boundaries in place? Who’s your front line of defense? It’s time you set the record straight. Be wise in your approach. Keyword: Balance

Scorpio: The song “Keep Ya Head Up” by Tupac is the message to keep in mind this week. It’s time you separate yourself from a relationship that no longer emotionally serves you or keeps you in tune with yourself. The question is, are you out of pocket? It’s time you learn the lessons and prepare for the next chapter. Changes in your home circumstances have been in the queue for a while. Look on the bright side. Relationships are built on trust and honesty. Listen to the inner voice and feeling. Keyword: Rebirth

Sagittarius: News can travel through a large number of outlets. People will either listen, understand, agree or disagree, or be oblivious to the current headlines. You’re seemingly an expert in many areas; however, it’s one in particular that puts you in the spotlight. Arms, shoulders, and a good back stretch before getting your day started is best to free up some energy. Advise and be advised. Taking your order is on your agenda. There’s no need to follow others’ orders. Got a problem? You have a solution. Keyword: Deliver