Monday, Aug. 31, marked 30 days before the end of the 2020 Census. Officials say if there’s an undercount, New York City is set to potentially lose billions for COVID-19 relief and up to two seats in Congress and the Election College, which decides the presidency.

Those responding have continued to close the gap between the City and the nation in terms of Census self-response rates. As of Aug. 27, New York City’s self-response rate is 57.3%, and the nation’s is 64.6%. In 2010, there was approximately a 14 point gap between New York City’s Census self-response rate and the nation’s.

The Census is easy, safe and confidential. The Census is 10 simple questions that take less than 10 minutes to complete. All New Yorkers can easily self-respond now online at or by phone at 1-844-330-2020. The Census does not ask about immigration, citizenship, criminal history or income. By law, all Census responses are completely confidential and cannot be shared with anyone.