I’m dedicating this month of November column to the frontline workers; the men, the women who are our nurses, doctors, assistants, janitors, cleaning people, cashiers, therapists, and even healers in the community. These are the ones who put their lives at risk from “jump street” and teach our community about self-love, self-care and eating nutritious meals and including teas and herbs to aid us in this unpredictable time to protect yourself. Numerically speaking, November is a 6 Universal Month. 6 is a mothering, nature-loving energy. The number 6 represents beauty and health and the home, pregnancy, teachers, healers, commitments, and deals with the (ENT): ears, nose, and throat, and people born on the 6th, 15th, 24th of the month in addition to those under the signs of Taurus, Libra, and in a minor way Cancer. However, Aquarius this month take caution and those born on the 1st, 4th, 10th, 13th, 19th, 22nd, 28th, and 31st of the month under the sign of Leo. During your travel and affairs, be mindful of taking medication as an accident can occur in the third week. Please give thanks for our ancestors plus those in a state of making their transition.

Capricorn: This week is likely to find your cosmic alignment in harmony with the universe. All the changes and decision makings may appear abruptly. Be mindful of your health, your appearance, the home and the environment. It also includes your workspace, family members, and being of service to others. In the process, take care of yourself first before leaving home. Those born on the 6th, 8th, 15th, 17th, 24th, and 26th should play a role in your affairs, along with Virgo, Gemini, Cancer and Taurus. Your zodiac sign is challenging to diagnose at times, making it hard to pinpoint the cause exactly. So, it’s best, therefore, to get more than one diagnosis. Protect your heart, ears, nose, especially if it’s windy where you live. Keep socks on your feet and protect your ankles along with a foot massage or pedicure.

Aquarius: This week is likely to put more emphasis on your heart, eyes, lungs, suggesting you grab your favorite shades for those sunny days as your eyes may be overly sensitive to sunlight. Open your blinds for sunlight to shine through and warm your home as nature’s light is the best heat for the body and home. Be mindful when you eat as your selection of food can cause stomachache. The ankles, eyes, veins, and arteries for Aquarians as a general rule have always been a health caution.

Pisces: Take your time this month as you may have the gift of gab. However, if you’re not taking care of your body, your health issues could very much show up in the form of inflammation within the system. You may notice a bruise, scar, scratch, bump and burn have appeared. Or, you have had a procedure made by an incision or needles or thorn, creating a scar in need of healing. Stay away from people, places, and things that don’t serve a purpose. Secure your heart, watch your eyes, and be mindful of the medication you take, so it doesn’t cause your blood pressure to rise.

Aries: Lose the fear, self-doubt, or putting it off procrastinating for a later date. That will only focus on the heart and respiratory system due to a possible emotional imbalance in your relationships. Aries, your sign deals with guns, knives, sharp instruments, related objects, or perhaps even involving someone you know in law enforcement. Avoid spicy foods, excessive alcohol, and if you have any health conditions causing tenderness, soreness, bruises, swelling, or inflammation that may cause infections, attend to them. Take care of your temple (Body), and it will take care of you.

Taurus: You’re a sign known for your mothering nature, who showers others with gifts and a sense of beauty, love, generosity. You are always generous to a fault, meaningful and a compassionate parental figure. Simultaneously, no one should take your sweetness for weakness as you have no time for the nonsense, much less the bubblegum games. From time to time, you may suffer from a sharp pain in the chest or labored breathing. Massage your chest with deep breathing exercises but start slow and deliberate while inhaling and exhaling. Try not to overdo it or go hard and so deep that your issues cause discomfort in your body. Besides, indicators suggest you take better care of your feet and avoid overeating this week.

Gemini: Being mindful of what you say can lead you to either success or deceptions from others. You may have lost a few folks due to gun violence, drugs, and those being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Gemini, mentally you’re spectacular and do well in communications and the literary field. This month what you eat and think can upset your stomach, including water-related issues around the home. If health concerns occur, your nerves, shoulders, arms, and lungs may be a bit irritated somehow.

Cancer: You’re a sign that loves a home-cooked meal surrounded by family, good tender loving care, the nursery of plants and children. and put more focus on the heart where diagnosis and prognosis are concerned. Have the doctor run a blood test, and if you can have someone, massage your body as it is well overdue. Your intake of food may cause swelling and tingly feeling in places of the body. The digestive system is usually where your health issues lie with concerns of low blood circulation in the body.

Leo: The sign of great creativity, pride, joy and can hold your own. Yet, your eyes tend to be vulnerable to sunlight. Grab a pair of your darkest shades to protect your eyes. The lower back needs proper care to support your spine; otherwise, later down the road, your spine and ankles can cause concern later. While traveling this year, pay attention not to carry too much weight as it will cause back, shoulder, and muscle tensions that lead to pain later.

Virgo: Your sign is mostly practical, organized, and analytical in what you do. If any health concerns occur, it will deal with the nervous and skeleton system of the body. However, further examination is needed to pinpoint the matter of concern. This month take care of your digestive system, drink plenty of water, teas, and take more baths with Epsom salt. Don’t give into indulgences to satisfy your desire. Everything in moderation, thank you.

Libra: This year has been mentally draining; however, you learned to work with the energy, and some months you were a bit dreadful. With a bit of physical and breathing exercises, getting into yoga can come out like a champion on top. Your sign may have heart palpation, asthma-related issues, and respiratory and circulation issues. In short, take it easy this week.

Scorpio: If any health matter occurs, it would be swelling, inflammation of the skin, disease, medication causing hives or breakouts, cuts, bruises, and high blood pressure. If you haven’t scheduled a physical exam, do so. Cover the areas of your ears, nose, and throat when around other people that don’t live in your home.

Sagittarius: This year applies more emphasis on water-related matters. Excess water in the body may cause an increase in weight and a bloating stomach. A year of partnership and spiritual insight, perhaps studying or practicing the art of science, maybe quite revealing. Writing is also an indicator for this year. Your sign usually loves to learn about all the universal aspects of knowledge. On the health side of the equation, the liver, skin, feet, hips, thighs, and overindulging in sweets can cause other health matters and weight challenges.