On Jan. 11, families of loved ones killed by the NYPD, advocates, and legal experts testified at the New York City Council Oversight Hearing of the Committee on Public Safety.

In responding to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s executive order, requiring municipalities to put forward police “reform and reinvention” plans, advocates say the NYPD has led the City’s process, with virtual events criticized as serving as NYPD propaganda sessions.

Participants at the hearing called for the firing of NYPD officers who have killed, brutalized and enacted other violence on New Yorkers, including the officers who killed Delrawn Small (Officer Wayne Isaacs), Kawaski Trawick (Officers Brendan Thompson and Herbert Davis), Antonio Williams (Officers McMahon, Valentino, Wichers and Det. Beddows), and those who have still not been fired for their roles in the killing of Eric Garner (Officer Justin Damico and Lt. Christopher Bannon).

They also called for removal of police from various roles, including schools, youth outreach and mental health response; reductions in the budget, scope, size, and power of the NYPD in order to prevent and decrease future police violence and killings; and an end to harmful NYPD policies and practices as part of New York City’s plan to reform policing.