Department of Correction Captain Rebecca Hillman has been indicted for issuing orders that prevented officers from saving the life of Ryan Wilson, a person in custody at Manhattan Detention Complex (MDC), and making false statements in her written account of the incident.

Hillman is charged in a New York State Supreme Court indictment with criminally negligent homicide and offering a false instrument for filing. Hillman was a DOC captain at MDC in the unit where Wilson was assigned housing. Last November, Wilson made a noose out of a bedsheet and attached it to a light fixture. After calling an officer over, he climbed on a stool, put the noose around his neck, and threatened to hang himself if Hillman would not come and let him out of his cell.

Wilson killed himself and Hillman told other inmates Wilson was “playing.” She prevented another officer from going into the cell stating that Wilson was faking. She left to go do her rounds. Fifteen minutes after Wilson killed himself, Hillman ordered officers to open his cell door. When medics arrived shortly after they