There is awkward energy in the atmosphere, revealing people’s true selves and intentions. Remember to have respect and boundaries, as everyone isn’t as open and receptive to the truth. Some cannot bear what they seek and know what is true. Pay attention to the red flags in the beginning, also the “I don’t know” answers from others. Be clear and concise as to what you want. People have standards and will not compromise themselves to be a “yes” person when they mean “no.” Begin this new moon in Leo with a great new intention that will improve the course of your life.

Capricorn: Building the foundation of a house while setting its four corners and underground work takes time and effort to see the finished product. It’s productive time to review any legal documents as well as keep a tab on your resources. Past relationships can resurface this month, and you will notice a sense of maturity within the person who may want to date you or reunite to teach each other a lesson. It will be an exciting experience to coach one another, one that brings a smile to your face. The week indicates stepping into the public spotlight; however, don’t allow anyone to invade your privacy. Nip things in the bud in the beginning before it escalates, and don’t overextend yourself.

Aquarius: Minding your business is the best thing you can do for yourself now while staying in your lane. Have you outlined your week’s work to be completed on time? Some projects will require more time until the body of the information is aligned to apply the last piece. Doing for yourself and doing what makes you feel great about yourself brings joy to your well-being and inspiration, allowing your light to shine and assist others on their path. We all have flaws and imperfections within our reflection that need improvement. Work on one area at a time to progress.

Pisces: Last week was a preview of what is to come once you apply the finishing touches to your project. The vision is more apparent with extra artistic flair to add to your mission to complete. Sometimes we have to see what is already in progress, taking a step back to see if this is what you envision and if anything needs to be adjusted. A time to release any presumption of others by judging a book by its cover. Discovery is about opening the book and reading the pages or trying what looks distasteful, maybe delightful at the end that needs a better presentation, which is your cue to give constructive criticism. Neptune is retrograding in pieces that require time, and people may not see you or provide you with recognition. The other will discover you shining a light on you.

Aries: If we can rewind the hands of time, what will you play out differently in your life. Act as it is happening now and make the necessary changes in your life to better your self-development. Others will not notice the changes right away because it takes time to look in the mirror of your reflection to see growth. Once you realize the difference and act accordingly, your world will begin to evolve. Involve yourself in a consistent routine to ensure the quality of change is the path of rebirthing self-becoming into your identity.

Taurus: It’s prime time this busy week to network, join group discussions, travel abroad, or do community work while resolving family issues. Gossip will be intriguing to tune into; however, don’t involve yourself due to the heavy workload waiting to be completed. Your name plus the brand is expanding and traveling cross country to reach out to you for an upcoming opportunity. Continue to spread the love of assisting others to be their best version of self––showing them how to tap into their true talent. A sense of grandiose is upon you, so bring a great smile with charm to the table to lighten your load.

Gemini: An urgent conversation or situation occurred, spiking up your emotional level to the roof from calm to a hasty temperament. Stop, pause, take a deep sigh and think before you act. Look at the details of what’s in front of you. If it doesn’t make sense, read between the lines as the information is not clear. Things will be uncertain until the 12th or 21st of the month. Take your time, and the answer you seek will reveal itself to you. Until then, release any unwanted thoughts, patterns, behaviors, etc., to rekindle the fire and passion in your life.

Cancer: Finance, romance, work, home, duty calls your name all at once. Ask yourself what the plan is as you have more things going on at once that needs structure and time to commit or complete. This can be a terrific, resourceful week to save money and allocate your resources to elsewhere that need attention. How often do you pay yourself first? Utilize what you have to transform your space to be and live more comfortably. Have you made the changes within your dietary laws by now? If not, August is a great time to begin anew.

Leo: You are almost near the threshold of dreams coming into fruition after a combo of last year building your foundation and this year filling in the body to a finished product. Everything has its place, and no rush is required as you move to your beat. All things occur in divine timing, like the changes of the season. When you are ready to publish your work, it will be an unexplainable feeling that feels great to the first spirit. It takes the physical body to manifest the spiritual work.

Virgo: Having an eye for details is the key this month. You are feeling confident and the Queen and King of your soul. Double looking in the mirror to ensure you look more refined than wine when you step into the world. Tears may fall from your eyes from recognizing the impact you made in people’s lives and the benefits and perks it brings to your success. When you share your story, it opens the floor to know others are not alone and have some form of obstacles, trials, and tribulations in life to overcome to become a better person.

Libra: Exciting new opportunities will open doors that once were on pause. Our passion is our navigation to explore new adventures on our life journey. Set new goals and places to travel, uniquely doing the same thing, attracting new people while showing casing your talent. Review any travel itinerary and check in your loved ones. Be true to yourself.

Scorpio: Every situation has an awkward moment and hang-ups that complicate the situation. How you respond will set the tone of the situation. If it’s already uncomfortable, it’s for a reason, with a message coming after you weather the storm. After it’s said and done, the forecast becomes brighter, like a new pair of glasses. Begin August with a new routine while placing some boundaries in place. Stand your ground and know your power.

Sagittarius: Plan a lovely retreat where the sun, sand, the beach is a more comfortable scene than where you are; when was the last time you treated yourself to a spa treatment, manicure, pedicure, or any form of self-care love? Take time this week to do so by Aug. 18. This will help you prepare for the remaining week of August by analyzing the final touches on projects to put yourself in the position you desire, and others will kindly direct you to the right people. Keep in mind. You are an advanced player.